3 Ugly Christmas Sweaters That Are Perfect For Breastfeeding Moms

by Emily Westbrooks

If you are a breastfeeding mom with an ugly Christmas sweater party on your holiday calendar, it can be difficult to find nursing-friendly attire that's appropriately festive. Either you'll find yourself squirreled away in a back room, nursing with your ugly holiday sweater around your neck or you'll be forced to wear an option that isn't nearly as ugly or holiday-themed as your friends. Neither of those options will let you fully enjoy the party as it was intended, in full festive, hideous glory. Thankfully, there are epically wonderful ugly Christmas sweaters for breastfeeding moms, or frankly, any other brave soul out there who is not afraid to party with their chest out.

Etsy seller YourSassyGrandma has saved the day with her absolutely atrocious — in a good way! — nursing-friendly ugly Christmas sweaters offered in a range of colors and styles, that provide ample access to the breast at all times for your little one. Simply peel off the accompanying pastie that otherwise serves as Rudolph's nose, and you can feed your little one in a flash, while sort of constantly flashing the rest of the guests all night. Yea, modesty might need to go out the window if these are going to be your attire for the night. But think of it this way: nursing your baby won't be so much of an inconvenience tonight, and you are pretty much guaranteed to win any ugly Christmas sweater competition out there with these memorable numbers.


Rudolph And His Red Nose

Sexy Ugly Christmas Sweater ($50, Etsy)

This sexy ugly Christmas sweater comes with a very festive Rudolph's nose pastie as well as googly eyes to festoon your breast while you're not breastfeeding. Simply pop the nose on and off in between feedings.

And if you plan on spending your holidays somewhere warm, don't worry, there's a sleeveless version ($25, Etsy) as well.


The Breast Present

Sexy Christmas sweater ($43, Etsy)

If you're a little more shy with your ugly Christmas sweater choice, perhaps opt for this less-nipple-but-more-cleavage option. You'll still have quick and easy access to your breasts, even with all the sparkly tinsel surrounding them, but you might be relieved to know there is no pastie involved.


Tinsel Town

Sexy Christmas sweater with garland ($43, Etsy)

Yet another winning option from YourSassyGrandma, this festive number opts for more sparkly pom poms that almost distract from the deep V of red garland — almost. Plus, this might be the most breastfeeding-friendly version yet as you'll be easily able to nurse your baby easily from either side.

For more outrageous ugly Christmas sweaters that are perfectly suited for breastfeeding moms, visit YourSassyGrandma's Etsy page. Promise you won't be disapointed.

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