Meet The Most Dapper New Uncle Ever

Some occasions call for more decorum than others, which is something that this uncle who dressed up to meet his newborn niece obviously understands. In what might just be the most heartwarming story so far of 2017 (it's only four days in, but every little bit counts), 18-year-old Grant Kessler showed up to meet niece, Carter, after his 20-year-old sister Olivia gave birth. Grant's other sister, 16-year-old Iris, was tweeting from the hospital (as one does) and snapped a pic of her brother all dressed up — shined shoes, tie clip, pocket square and all — because "first impressions matter," according to BuzzFeed. He's lucky baby Carter didn't baby barf all over his suit.

Iris, the genius who took the picture that led to her bro's viral celebrity, thought it was totally hilarious that her brother showed up looking so dapper. She told Inside Edition, "He was serious enough about it to wear a suit, but I think it was mainly just a joke to calm my sister down before surgery," she said. "Grant was really excited about meeting her and wanted to make a good impression."

So not only is Grant the "uncle of the year," as BuzzFeed dubbed him, for dressing to impress, but he's also brother of the year for wanting to make sure his sister was as calm as possible before her surgery. My little jerk (kidding, kidding) brother would probably tell me horror stories of botched medical procedures just to watch me squirm, so Grant gets bonus brother points in my book.

According to Iris, this move was "classic" Grant. "He’s always the type to show up to things dressed up, or bring a cake for no reason," she told BuzzFeed. Iris added that Carter will definitely hear this story growing up — she's not letting Grant live this one down. (Sounds like Iris and my brother would get along.)

She added in her Inside Edition interview, "My sister was kind of in shock because my brother had joked that he was going to do it but we didn't know he was serious. Everyone just thought it was really funny and typical Grant behavior." Grant is obviously living his best life; Don't let the haters get you down, brother.

According to his sister, Grant is sort of loving the social media fame. His picture has been retweeted over 40,000 times and everyone seems to agree that he's basically the best human ever. Who wouldn't love that?

According to the family, baby Carter and her mom are both healthy and happy. Grant's current wardrobe status remains unconfirmed.