'Unexpected' Star Chloe Has An Adorable Instagram

Teens in 2018 Gen Z are digital natives, so it's no doubt that the teens featured on Unexpected have social media accounts. Unexpected star Chloe's Instagram shows just how she's just a regular teen, despite also being a mom.

From her appearances on Unexpected, it's clear that Chloe doesn't pull any punches. She's a 16-year-old from Arizona who became pregnant by her 18-year-old boyfriend, Max. She said that while she didn't feel pressured by Max to have sex, she did it because she didn't want him to break up with her. When Max asked her in the interview, "Are you glad now that we had sex?" Chloe said, "Obviously, I wish I would have waited but you can’t go back in time." Too true.

But while she's now a mother, at the same time, she's also a cheerleader and high school student who was just trying to figure life out. "We were young and dumb," Chloe said about the teen couple's decision to have unprotected sex. She also commented that, "it runs in my family." Both her mother and grandmother were teen mothers.

Chloe's Instagram features her baby, Ava, but it also shows different sides to her personality. She's a mom, but she's also a kid herself.

She's A Doting Mother

Some new moms love to show their babies off, and Chloe is definitely one of them. "My little Ava, you are loved so much more than you could ever know," Chloe captioned one photo of her baby.

She Was A Cheerleader

While it's unclear whether she had to quit the squad due to her pregnancy, Chloe's Instagram indicates that she was indeed a cheerleader. She's not the only cheerleader in the Unexpected cast; Emiley was the captain of the cheer squad before she got pregnant, and tried out again after she had her baby.

She Was Pretty Busy Between Photos

There are those people who post on Instagram everyday, but I'm certainly not one of them. Chloe isn't either; there are months-long gaps between photos, which is completely understandable considering Chloe was growing a human child in her uterus. And it's understandable now, given that she has the huge responsibility of raising Ava.

Max Is Still In Her Life

While the last photo on Instagram that Chloe posted with Max was in June, it's clear that he already loved his daughter: he was lovingly touching Chloe's baby bump and kissing her in the pic. On Twitter, Max also made his affection known by posting a photo of her with the caption: "My baby girl Ava Grace Schenzel was born today I’m going to be the greatest father of all time !!! [L]ove at first site now I have my own family couldn’t be happier."

She Loves Classic Selfie Poses

"Hi my names Chloe and I have an obsession with sticking my tongue out in pictures," the caption to this photo reads. I can't hate on a classic selfie pose; I don't think anyone should. Get it, girl.

So while Chloe may be dealing with some pretty adult things at the moment, like, ya know, motherhood — her Instagram proves that in many ways she's still just a normal teen girl.