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Valentine's Day 2018 Chocolate Sales So You Can Get Something Sweet For Your Boo

It's no secret that chocolate sales skyrocket this time of year — Valentine's Day is known to be the day to gift your sweetheart with sweets, and chocolate tops the list. If you or your loved ones have a sweet tooth, it's worth looking into Valentine's Day 2018 chocolate sales to stock up on the good stuff, whether or not you actually celebrate the holiday (after all, heart-shaped box or not, the chocolate is all the same). Let's face it, your thirst for cacao can't be quenched.

Though appropriately themed chocolates in red-ribboned boxes show up in spades before Valentine's Day, really all chocolate is fair game for love day. Online shops, big-box retailers, and specialty stores all go crazy for Valentine's Day, so there's likely no shortage of chocolate in your near vicinity. Shops usually start their sales before Valentine's Day in order to move some of their inventory as the day gets closer. So, you can get your Valentine's Day gifts ready to go before the big day and treat yourself to a few indulgent sweets as well. And, don't forget to pick up a bag of conversation hearts — even the anti-consumerist in you can't get enough of a little heart that says "XOXO."


Lord & Taylor

See's Candies Milk Chocolate Hearts, $10, Lord & Taylor

Lord & Taylor may be an unlikely place to shop for chocolates, but that's precisely why it's a good one. This department store has exclusive deals on delicious brands like Godiva, Harry London, and See's Candies. The best part is, there are three ways to get your hands on these yummy treats: shop in store, shop online with store pick-up, or shop online and have it shipped directly to you.



Milk Mint Decorated Box of Chocolates, $6, Macy's

Another department store with great deals on the good stuff is Macy's. Macy's has its own exclusive brand of chocolates, Frango, that is on par with some of the best chocolate brands. There's a whole assortment of types and sizes of Frango gift boxes, and with the additional 20 percent off coupon code that is valid now, they start at just $6 for 15 pieces of good chocolate.



13 Piece Milk Chocolate Lindor Heart, $8, Lindt

Lindt chocolate is well loved, and for good reason. It's smooth, rich, and creamy, and one little piece is enough to satisfy even the greatest chocolate craving. You can find bags of Lindt truffles in most any drugstore or grocery store, but going to a Lindt store (or Lindt's website) can score you an extra 20 percent off on chocolate boxes and baskets this Valentine's Day.



Godiva Valentine's Truffles Trio, $4, Target

Target is everyone's favorite place to shop for basically any holiday. You can get your gifts, cards, and everything you need to wrap it all up in one place — nothing beats that convenience. Target usually has great sales on holiday items as well, and with great brands of chocolates available (Godiva, Ghiradelli, Lindt, and Dylan's Candy Bar, to name a few), you're sure to find something for every person on your list. If you go to the store itself, you might even find additional savings - our local store has an extra 30 percent off on all things Valentine's right now.



Hot Chocolate On A Stick Gift Box, $13, Amazon

Yes, you can get anything on Amazon, including awesome, under-the-radar, gourmet chocolate goodies, like this Hot Chocolate On A Stick Gift Box from trendy brand, Popbar. The best part of Amazon is always the Prime free two-day shipping, and this particular set includes free one-day shipping with your Prime membership.

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