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Vanessa & Tiffany Rousso's Similarities On 'Big Brother' Have Fans Seeing Double

by Zakiya Jamal

This season of Big Brother includes the siblings of two previous contestants. Paulie is the older brother of Cody Calafiore from Season 16, and Tiffany is the younger sister of Vanessa Rousso from Season 17. If you were to ask Paulie, you'd think Tiffany and Vanessa were the same person. Paulie has targeted Tiffany this season because he feels she's just like Vanessa, and thus doesn't trust her. But are Vanessa and Tiffany really that similar? I took a look at the similarities between Vanessa and Tiffany Rousso to see how they stack up, and there's no wonder Paulie is suspicious. These two are incredibly similar.

While we have to give Tiffany her own spotlight in the Big Brother game, it's difficult to ignore the fact that some of her more frustrating qualities were also some of Vanessa's less favorable strategic qualities, too. Tiffany and Vanessa are different people, and Tiffany seems to be just as eager to play Big Brother as Vanessa did last season, but sometimes it's like looking into the past — it's almost impossible to ignore. So, what are these similarities that fans can't seem to ignore? They compare on two very noticeable categories, but when it comes to the actual game, Vanessa and Tiffany are very different.

They're Both Paranoid

Although Vanessa will go down in Big Brother history as one of the greatest players of all time, she also became very well known for her paranoia in the house and by fans. She was constantly thinking someone in the house was out to get her or would turn on her. This is one trait Tiffany definitely shares with her sister. On Wednesday night Tiffany jumped to the conclusion that because Da'Vonne was crying after losing the veto competition that meant she was obviously working against Tiffany somehow. Tiffany believed that because Da'Vonne knew Tiffany won the roadkill competition that Da'Vonne shouldn't have been concerned, and that was enough for Tiffany to put Da'Vonne on the block.

They're Both Emotional

Besides her paranoia Vanessa was also known for her waterworks. Whether it was real or not is up to you to decide, but Vanessa would often be seen crying or getting upset over something that happened in the house. Tiffany has recently begun doing a similar thing, although it could be said that she's become emotional because she's being targeted. In the beginning Tiffany seemed perfectly fine and not really like her sister but as the stakes got higher and she was put on the block it did start to feel like Vanessa was back in the house again.

Vanessa's The Better Competitor

The similarities between Tiffany and Vanessa pretty much end when it comes to comps. While Vanessa was a great physical competitor, Tiff has only won one comp so far, and with her on the block this week it may be the only one she wins. Vanessa was able to snag four head of household wins and three power of vetoes while in the house. If Tiffany survives this week, she'll have to do a lot of work to get to her sister's level.