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The Victoria's Secret 2018 Valentine's Day Sale Is Seriously Worth A Trip To The Mall

I actually love Valentine's Day. I know it has a bad reputation, but think of it this way: even if you don't celebrate it with anyone other than yourself, who doesn't love the discounted chocolates on Feb. 15? How can you say no to almost free roses a day later? You can't. It's nearly impossible. Other things go on sale as well, like the ever-beloved lingerie of Victoria's Secret. I confess, my lingerie wardrobe is, as a friend told me, abysmal. So I'm taking my money and finding the best picks from the Victoria's Secret Valentine's Day 2018 Sale.

This year, they're offering 40 percent off some of their most popular styles. Everything from babydoll style negligees to saucy one-piece numbers that reveal more than they cover. All told, there's a lot to love in this year's sale. The sheer enormity of choice is staggering, and to be honest, I'm a trifle overwhelmed. Thankfully, the layout of the sale is such that you can determine which is online-only, and which pieces are available in stores, so that if I choose to head into one of their brick and mortar locations, I will have a head start on finding what I want and determining what I want to try on. This is especially good so I don't have to put a serious dent in my sexy-time budget. (Which has previously only allowed for Netflix and chill.)


Very Sexy Satin Midi Slip

Satin Mini Slip, $29, Victoria's Secret

I call this my "I'm a mom, and if my kids catch me in this there won't be any strange questions, but my husband will probably still remove it with his teeth" option. This Very Sexy satin midi slip is incredibly sexy, plus everything is covered. Put a robe on and it's even hotter. With this kind of price, you could even buy more than one color so you can put off the laundry for another day. How's that for hot?


Quilted Satin Corset

Quilted Satin Corset, $47, Victoria's Secret

I'm not a Kardashian, but I play one in my bedroom. Or at least I could try. (They always pull off the corset look with aplomb.) Sure, I have absolutely no butt, but, that's never bugged my husband, so I won't let it bother me. Instead, I'll just strike a similar look up top. A little (OK, a lot) contour and eye makeup, and we're off to the races. This Quilted Satin Corset is incredibly hot and if it tucks me in, it's worth every penny.


3.Satin & Chantilly Lace Pant

Satin & Chantilly Lace Pant, $29, Victoria's Secret

How cute are these Satin and Chantilly lace pants? They also have some stretch in them, so I'm betting they're silky comfy heaven on your legs. I love pajama bottoms, so these look like a nice step up from the kitten print PJ bottoms I may or may not be wearing right now as I type this.


4.Chantilly Lace Long-Sleeve Teddy

Chantilly Lace Long-Sleeve Teddy, $47, Victoria's Secret

I almost want to wear this Chantilly Lace long-sleeve teddy as a top to go out in. How gorgeous is that silky bodysuit? It's like the sexiest ballerina outfit of my dreams. What, you've never dreamed about being a sexy ballerina? To each their own, but this is still dreamy.


Short Satin Kimono

Short Satin Kimono, $30, Victoria's Secret

I may own a dozen kimonos already, but that doesn't mean I don't need more. This Short Satin Kimono is long enough to be considered a robe, and short enough to tease. I'm a fan. It even comes in leopard. Rawr.


Fishnet Lace Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Fishnet Lace Long Sleeve Bodysuit, $37, Victoria's Secret

Fishnets are everywhere this season, and lingerie is apparently the locus for this trend. This sexy Fishnet Lace Long Sleeve Bodysuit feels like something I'd like to wear under something more buttoned up. Like Wonder Woman's onesie. It's a power piece.


Satin Kimono Top

Satin Kimono Top, $31, Victoria's Secret

Yes, it's another kimono, but this Satin Kimono Top could be worn over a tank and jeans or on top of a black dress. It's cute, versatile, inexpensive, and the print is to die for.


Satin & Lace Cami Short Set

Satin & Lace Cami Short Set, $31, Victoria's Secret

This outfit is covered up, but still so sexy. I love the lace detail and elastane in the fabric for comfort in this Satin & Lace Cami Short Set. I have rompers that I wear out in the summer that are less covered, but there's something uniquely hot about this set.


Chantilly Lace Cap-Sleeve Bodysuit

Chantilly Lace Cap-Sleeve Bodysuit, $47, Victoria's Secret

I love the tiny floral details in this Chantilly Lace Cap-Sleeve Bodysuit. The cap sleeves highlight a point towards your waist and the lace straps pointing in a V toward the belly button further this illusion. It's gorgeous and more than sexy — it's powerfully alluring.

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