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Video Of Starbucks Employee & NYC Police Has Gone Viral For All The Right Reasons

Following a bombing in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, which left 29 people injured, citizens and law enforcement officials began searching for answers. According to official reports, police subsequently arrested New Jersey resident Ahmad Khan Rahami, a 28-year-old man suspected to be connected to the bombings in Manhattan and New Jersey over the weekend. But despite all the chaos, people across the internet have shown great interest instead in a video that has an uplifting, positive message: The video of a Starbucks employee and the New York City Police and Fire Department has since gone viral. Clearly people are in need of a pick-me-up.

In a video uploaded to Facebook by, a news site run by the University of Central Florida, a Starbucks employee named Germaine, can be seen handing coffee and pastries to first responders near the site of Saturday's explosion. "I want to give y'all some coffee and some pastries," the employee said. "I wish I could give a little more."

Germaine introduced himself after thanking the first responders for their work. And judging by the responses from the city employees, which included EMTs, it was clear the act appeared was wholly appreciated. "Thanks a lot man," a firefighter responded.

So far, the response on Facebook has also been overwhelmingly positive:

"This is what a true [New Yorker] does!" one Facebook commenter wrote. "Bravo to this man for his generosity and kindness!"

Certainly in a chaotic moment, people around the country appreciate as much positivity as possible — and considering how the internet has helped uncover several other negative encounters with the police to date, this video seemed to help restore people's faith in humanity as well. So while a friendly video with a Starbucks employee and police officers certainly doesn't erase existent systemic issues with other police interactions – particularly concerning black citizens and other people of color – its viral spread proves that many people are still out there, looking for good. The video's nearly 10 million views on Facebook says it all. later caught up with Germaine following the video's viral spread. The Starbucks employee was surprised that his act of kindness went viral.

"These guys run to danger instead of... running from danger," he said. "I just figured, why not? We should be nice to each other, we should be kind to each other." Germaine added that small gestures like, holding the door for someone, go a long way.

Clearly, the video's more than 200,000 likes prove that many other people wholeheartedly agree.