Mitch Haaseth/ABC

'Bachelor's Jasmine G. Has Serious Dance Moves

There were a lot of new woman to get to know during the premiere episode of The Bachelor Season 21, but Jasmine G. set herself apart early on. She arrived with Neil Lane and a couple of engagement rings just so Nick Viall would know exactly what kind of ring she liked upfront. Jasmine is a girl who knows how to make a memorable entrance, and it may be because she's got plenty of experience standing out from the crowd as a former member of a few big dance teams. These videos of Jasmine G. dancing prove that this Bachelor contestant has got some serious skills on the dance floor, so if there's ever a date involving dancing, she'll have it on lock.

Jasmine was a dancer for the Golden State Warriors, and before that she was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and dancer for the New York Jets. Her social media biographies describe her as a "former NBA dancer" so it may no longer be her current career, but it's obviously still something that's close to her heart based on all the pictures and videos she's posted from her days on the squad. It's not easy to spot Jasmine in the line-up, but the fact that she's perfectly in sync with the other girls speaks to her skills. While she knows when to stand out, she also knows how to be part of a team.

Jasmine's Instagram account is full of throwback pictures of her in her cheerleading uniform, as well as a few videos of her performing with the other Golden State Warriors dancers. She captioned one picture of her in her Warriors costume with a quote from the movie Rushmore: "Find something you love to do and then do it for the rest of your life." Jasmine's dance career is obviously very important to her.

There are a few videos of the dance team on the Golden State Warriors YouTube channel, but Jasmine is difficult to locate amongst her team members in most of them. However, a video of training camp candidates features Jasmine for a few moments starting around 2:27. It's a very brief look at Jasmine dancing solo, but she's definitely enthusiastic. And she must have impressed the dance team director Sabrina Ellison, because Jasmine did end up making the team.

Jasmine has a simple solution on hand anytime she's looking for a little attention on The Bachelor: just bust out a dance routine. That would definitely be something to remember.