Videos Of Patsy Ramsey Talking About JonBenet Ramsey Show A Grieving Mother

Immediately following the death of JonBenét Ramsey on Christmas day in 1996, all eyes were on her family, the three other people in the house that night, her brother Burke, her father John, and her mother Patsy. Up until her death in 2006 of ovarian cancer, Patsy maintained her innocence. Videos of Patsy Ramsey talking about JonBenét certainly give the appearance of an emotional and grieving mother, though many remain unconvinced. Unfortunately, Ramsey did not live to see herself exonerated through DNA evidence in 2008.

In the 10 years she lived after her daughter was killed, Ramsey was interviewed dozens and dozens of times by the media and by the police, and never once did she change her story that she was completely innocent of JonBenét's murder. You can truly tell in the videos from her police interview, in which she cries in exasperation that she doesn't give a "flying flip how scientific" the supposed evidence against her is. She simply "didn't do it." In interviews with Larry King and Barbara Walters, among others, along with her husband, she reiterates these statements, saying again and again that she simply wants to find out who killed her little girl.

In the interrogation tapes above, Ramsey appears exasperated, frustrated, and irritated.

Together, Patsy and John Ramsey gave several interviews in the year 2000, surrounding the publishing of their book The Death of Innocence, which attempted to tell their side of the story. They insisted again and again that the police targeted them as suspects immediately without letting the evidence speak for itself, simply assuming they were guilty because parents so often are in cases such as this.

In this clip from CNN in 1997, an emotional Ramsey tells Boulder parents to "keep your babies close to you," as she begins to dissolve into tears, so soon after the death of her own child.

So often in high profile cases such as these, the public makes up its own mind as to the innocence or guilt of the people involved, though the public at large cannot possibly have all the facts of the case. But it's important to remember that according to evidence, the Ramseys are completely innocent and were grieving parents. Unfortunately, it is too late for Patsy, but let's try and be compassionate to her husband and son who survived her.