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Videos Of Tiffany Hendra's Web Series Show The 'Housewives' Star Wants To Inspire Women

by Megan Walsh

Beauty gurus on YouTube are becoming hugely popular (and hugely addictive to watch), so much so that the market is quickly becoming oversaturated even as it remains relatively untapped by the mainstream. It's not a surprise that others in the entertainment field are branching out into YouTube, like professional makeup artists, models, or actresses. Or reality stars. The Real Housewives of Dallas' Tiffany Hendra is a former actress and television host, but she also has her own YouTube channel where she has a series called Sanctuary of Style that offers all kind of fashion inspo. Checking out the videos of Real Housewives star Tiffany Hendra's web series show that her passions go beyond style – above all, she wants women to feel confident.

In addition to sharing beauty tips and tricks, favorite products, and fashion advice, Tiffany uses her channel to focus on self-love. After offering an in-depth review of CC cream in one video, she speaks to the importance of loving yourself and making sure to focus on your strengths instead of flaws. Tiffany urges her viewers to "celebrate yourselves." Instead of picking yourself apart when you look in the mirror, give yourself a compliment. Focus on the positives. That's a huge part of Tiffany's message, and part of the reason she got into fashion blogging.

On YouTube, Tiffany gets to share all of her fashion knowledge while at the same time encouraging whoever is watching to find their own unique look. It's not just about recreating her sense of style, but prodding viewers to discover their own. She also keeps her recommendations relatable with clothing pulled from TJ Maxx or Target, urging her viewers to "shop smart" and "remember to shop your closet" instead of going out and spending money on brand new items every season.

Tiffany credits herself as an "inspirationista" and makes a point of saying that she wants to help women become more confident. That's a great goal, and using her platform to encourage women to love themselves can only have positive effects. Her motto is, "Beauty from the inside out. I want all of us to be our most powerful body, mind, and spirit. And then we can do the fun stuff – dress it all up."

So, if you don't get your Real Housewives of Dallas fill on Mondays during the week — or you need a pick-me-up for whatever reason — head on over to Tiffany's YouTube page.