Vinebox's Popular 12 Days Of Wine Box Is Back So Deck The Freakin' Halls

On a scale of one to wine, fewer things help you feel the holiday spirit more than enjoying a nice, relaxing libation while Christmas music plays in the background. If you prefer enjoying wine tastings to yourself (because who doesn't?) the Vinebox 12 Nights of Wine is the perfect way to treat yo'self this season. Billed as the "world's first-ever wine advent calendar," Vinebox's seasonal offering is now available to purchase for your merry-making shenanigans.

Vinebox is an online wine subscription retailer that specializes in bringing affordable, quality wines right to your doorstep. The 12 Nights of Wine calendar, which costs $129, comes in two intriguing options for the first time this year: naughty or nice, and they're each packed with Vinebox's iconic 12 mini vials of wine, a different single serving for each day. The Naughty box is a sexy burgundy color and comes with bold, full bodied red wines and rich whites. The Nice box, on the other hand, is a festive white flecked with gold — an angelic gift you reward yourself for being good all year — and it's filled with crisp white wines and lighter reds.

If you just can't choose between the two, I don't blame you. No one should have choose between good booze. For your FOMO, Vinebox offers both the Naughty and Nice 12 Nights of Wine boxes bundled at a discount of 15 percent off the full price, for $220. Vinebox isn't clear on whether each wine in the bundle (24 total) is a different one, but are we really going to be mad if we get the same delicious one twice? Nope.

Oh, and about those adorable vials. The portion sizing allows you to have a taste of wine rather than committing to an entire bottle of surprise wine you may not like.

Of course, with the holidays being the season for giving and all, Vinebox's wine advent calendar also makes a good gift for the wine-lover in your life. (Just remember the recipient has to be over age 21 to sign for and receive the package). One reviewer said, "Bought the 12 Nights of Wine for 3 years in a row and it's constantly the BEST Gift I give every season!" Better yet, you can give one to a friend and keep one for your self. It’s up to you to determine whether they've been naughty or nice, and don't worry about them being offended if you choose the wrong personality for them. The boxes are so sleek, they beat a lump of coal any day.

Although you can order now, the calendars will ship beginning November 4, so they should arrive in plenty of time for the advent, but don't take that as an opportunity to procrastinate. Vinebox's wine advent calendars are quite popular and are known to sell out. So if you're planning to celebrate the spirit with 12 Nights of Wine, you should probably buy yours soon — or you might be stuck with 12 nights of whine because you missed out.