Vintage Fall Family Photos That Prove We've *Always* Been Basic

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I know it's not a particularly controversial statement, but I'm going to say it anyway: autumn is the absolute best season. The shorter days are well worth the brilliant foliage, folksy traditions, and the magnificence of sweater weather. It really is the most perfect time of year, and we have the vintage fall family photos to prove that it always has been.

I live in New England, which is where autumn was invented back around 1693. (It's true.... don't Google it, though.) Fall is in my bones. My heart pumps not blood, but delicious apple cider. So I know of what I speak! And the fact is that for a long time now, humans have a propensity to be a bit Basic in the fall. How else does one explain that while fashions may have changed over the years (for better and for worse, depending on the decade), our beloved fall traditions don't seem to have budged at least since the advent of photography. We all love our orange/yellow/brown color palettes, our pumpkin spices, and putting on coordinated cozy sweaters to take pictures with our children .

From the 1930s to the 1990s (which, inexplicably, is now considered vintage somehow) families were out there picking pumpkins, serving fresh fall lewks, and embodying the spirit of season.

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