Vintage Halloween Decor Photos That Are Equal Parts Charming & Terrifying

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Sometimes, we look to the past for ideas and inspiration, and sometimes, we are looking back on history so that we may never repeat it. This list of vintage Halloween decorations is a little bit of both. Some are great — all spooky ghosts and candy corn fun — and some? Well, Lizzie Borden should have used her ax to slay these decorations before they were even displayed.

I don't know what our parents and grandparents were thinking with some of them, but remembering my own MawMaw's creepily carved pumpkins with carrots for witch noses, I do have some idea of just how weird and wild it could get. Being that what people think of as "Halloween" is a uniquely American celebration, looking back on vintage pictures gives us not only a glimpse of the holiday, but also of Americana (though I will argue it is pretty dang whitewashed). The creativity of some of the decorations is, honestly, so much better than I ever would have thought it could be. Seriously, we think we have it all in hand thanks to our LED lights and fancy space age fabrics, but what they managed with simpler materials and ingenuity is truly striking — and sometimes truly cringeworthy.

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