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Virtual Santa Visits This Christmas Can Still Be Festive & Fun


Going to see Santa is a holiday tradition for many families, and unfortunately, it doesn't sound like it will be possible this year. I mean, it's really hard to stay 6 feet away from St. Nick and get a decent picture. Fortunately, kids who can't see the jolly guy in person can still chat with Kris Kringle through virtual Santa visits designed by JingleRing.

With a setup much like a Zoom meeting — but with 100% fewer people asking to "circle back on that" — your family's virtual Santa visit is a pre-scheduled chat with Father Christmas himself. You also have the option of bringing in grandparents or others into the meeting, making it a family moment to remember. (Also it's beneficial so your parents hear exactly what your kids want for Christmas, thereby guilting them into offering to buy the Playstation V.)

The bonus is that it's going to be priced less than a typical Santa package — just $24.95 for the signature experience or $19.95 for a pre-recorded video — and if you sign up right now, you can save 25%. It's not going to be the same as standing in line for an hour, kvetching at your kids to stop messing with their hair while you pray that no one screams and no one kicks Santa — but it's a close second.

I actually really like this idea for virtual Santa visits, because no matter how you slice it, it can feel weird to ask your child to sit on a stranger's lap. Not to mention the fact that you have to brave the mall with your kids at the height of the holiday season to get the photos taken. It's a scenario everyone just keeps repeating, and no doubt will return to when this is all over. But for just this year, let's all be grateful for the little things in life, like not having to worry if your kid will need to pee once they get in line, and also not worrying if someone else's kid pees on Santa before your own kid sits on his lap. Virtual Santa for the win.