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'Walking Dead' V-Day Memes That Will Give You Life

People celebrate Valentine's Day in many different ways. Some do it with chocolate and flowers, or they take their partner out for a nice date. Some people don't even bother celebrating it at all. It's all about enjoying the holiday in the way that best suits your personality, so there's no wrong way to do it. Like, for example, with hordes of the undead. The Walking Dead Season 7 returns just in time for Valentine's Day, and what could be more romantic than zombie guts, life or death situations, and people who haven't had a good shower in years? No? Not romantic? These Walking Dead memes for Valentine's Day might just change your mind.

The Walking Dead might be a show about constantly escaping murderous threats and watching your loved ones die over and over, but that doesn't mean it's bereft of love! Glenn and Maggie's devotion to each other was a bright spot in a bleak landscape for years until his untimely death. Michonne and Rick allow two tough characters to have moments of respite with each other. Abraham – OK, he's not a great example. Tara and Denise – OK, OK, that one ended badly too.

Every couple might not get their happy ending on The Walking Dead, but that doesn't mean it's not the perfect show to celebrate Valentine's Day with. And I think after seeing these memes, you'll agree.

Counting Down The Days

If you're not one to celebrate Valentine's Day, then at least you can celebrate The Walking Dead's premiere!

Love The One You're With

It's not easy to cuddle with a TV show, but you can sure try.

Everyone Loves A Pun

Even when that pun is also incredibly painful! Isn't it fun to be reminded of one of the show's most horrifying moments?

Everyone Celebrates Differently

Some people like roses, some people like candy, and some people like setting barely sentient corpses on fire.

Sounds Like A Plan, Rick


Rick's idea of a date may be vague, but it's full of possibilities.

A Compliment Is Always Nice


Even when you may not be feeling or looking your best, it's still nice when someone gives you a compliment.

Is It Time Yet?

Everyone needs something to look forward to!

The wait may have felt interminable, but it will be over soon: The Walking Dead returns Feb. 12, so grab some heart-shaped candy and a box of tissues and settle in for whatever fresh horrors the new episodes bring.