Walmart Is Launching Its First Kids Brand, & It's Everything You Want It To Be

Is it too much to ask for affordable kids' clothing that can withstand running, jumping, and climbing while being easy-to-wash and (not to get greedy) last long enough to be handed down to the next kid? Oh, and did I mention cute and stylish? If that's your kids' clothing wishlist, then you've been heard. Walmart is launching its first kid brand, called Wonder Nation, and you are going to want to grab a giant shopping bag and rush over there immediately to check it out. This clothing is presentable enough to wear to school but flexible enough to play outside.

Wonder Nation debuts in Walmart stores and online on March 1st. Walmart realized that their customers want quality clothing, but that they don't always have a big budget for it. Let's face it, kids grow quickly and sometimes keeping them in leggings or jeans that cover their ankles can be pricey. The cost for the items ranges from under $5 to $30, with many pieces from the line costing less than $10. They've even included sneakers that won't break the bank. Sizes range from 4-18, so older kids can enjoy them, too. Because the price point is so reasonable, if you like something, you can buy it in a couple of sizes so that when the growth spurt hits, your kid will still have their favorite shirt, shorts, or bathing suit.

“We listened to our customers and are proud to deliver apparel choices that meet at the intersection of everything they desire: on-trend styles, comfort and quality, all at unbeatable prices,” said Deanah Baker, senior vice president of apparel, Walmart U.S. in a press release. “These new brands are a thoughtful reflection of current trends and styles, while considering our customers’ busy, on-the-go lifestyles.”

How well does Walmart know kids? As much as kids want clothing that appeals to them (because when you look good, you feel good), the retailer knew that they want their clothes to be comfy. Many of the items in the collection are tagless, saving moms that extra step of cutting out the tag when the kids complain that they're itchy.

Wonder Nation clothes are also designed help your younger kids with independent dressing. Many of the items have elastic waistbands, which means little ones can pull them up and down themselves without mastering a snap or button. The clothing is designed to mix and match, and offered in various, patterns, prints, and solids for easy pairings. Because they are made with durable cotton, the kids can roll around in the dirt all they want, and hopefully the clothes will be able to keep up with your adventurous kids.

When it comes to shopping online, Walmart realized that many people preferred shopping at Amazon and so Walmart decided that they wanted to compete for those customers, reported USA Today. Having their own private line of clothing, which is exclusive to them, can allow the giant retail store to do just that. Walmart will also be partnering with Lord & Taylor to feature some of their clothing on the department store's website, according to USA Today.

Walmart also recognizes that for some customers, it's nice to be able to go to the store and feel and see the clothes yourself. With that in mind, Walmart aims to improve the in-store experience and will start redesigning their stores to make getting around and finding what you need more streamlined. Expect to see clearer signs, photo displays, and in general, a more open floor plan. I guess they know what it's like to shop with a screaming toddler distracting you.

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