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You Can Now Get KIDBOX Subscription Boxes At Walmart & Obvi They're *Way* Cheap

If you haven't given into the subscription box trend yet, please know, resistance is futile. No matter what you're into, you can surely find a themed box that suits your needs — it's exactly this versatility (plus the idea of getting a surprise box in the mail every month or so) that makes the concept more appealing than ever. And it's not just for adults — there are many boxes for kids out there, but depending on what you're looking for, they're not necessarily the most affordable. Enter the new partnership with Walmart and KIDBOX, which gets you a subscription box of stylist-picked clothes for your kid, at a fraction of the cost of an original KIDBOX. Any argument you had against these convenient little packages just became null. It's time to start thinking inside the box.

Each package from this unique partnership will come with four to five fashion items selected by stylists based on your style preferences, the current season, and where you live. If you know anything about KIDBOX, one of the premiere makers of kid's fashion boxes, you know how fun and versatile their offerings are. They work with over 100 different brands, including big names like Reebok, Levi's, and Splendid, to offer parents curated packages that fit their little one's styles. (Over 100 different brands are being included in the Walmart KIDBOX Fashion Box project, so your kiddos' looks will never be stale either. It seriously just keeps getting better.)

Courtesy of Walmart

KIDBOX Subscription, Walmart

To get started, you'll first fill out a survey on the Walmart site to let them know what you and your little fashionista like from colors to patterns to brands. They'll then assign a stylist to your box and ship it out to you. It sounds expensive, right? Well a KIDBOX itself costs $98, which may sound like a lot for a box of clothes (but actually isn't if you consider the price of each individual item and the stylist's fee). Of course Walmart kept their price-conscious shopper in mind as they launched this new project, so if you sign up for a box at Walmart, you'll get them for $48 (the contents of the box are valued at about double that), with the styling fee waived. Plus you won't be locked into signing up for a reoccurring subscription. Basically, you get all the perks of a subscription box, including personalized fashion and the time you'll save from not having to go to the store, without the commitment.

And yea, this venture might seem like a departure from Walmart's typical business strategy, but it's actually part of the company's effort to change the way consumers think of the Walmart brand in terms of fashion and home goods. According to Supermarket News, the company added four new in-house clothing lines in 2018, and USA Today reported that Walmart has recently aligned itself with higher end fashion brands like Lord and Taylor and Bonobos in an effort to be more competitive with Amazon and other big names in affordable clothing like Old Navy and Kohl's. Their latest venture with KIDBOX is a natural step.

You can start setting up the box of your little one's dreams on the Walmart website now.