Elf on the shelf Christmas Cakebites treat sold exclusively at Walmart
Courtesy of Walmart

Walmart's Selling Elf On The Shelf Cakebites, & They're Totally Addictive

For anyone who’s ever uttered the words, “I just want one or two bites,” when it comes to dessert, Elf on the Shelf Cakebites are just what you need. These very affordable pre-made desserts just landed at Walmart, and they’re little morsels of holiday cheer.

Who can resist tiny pieces of cake? Last time I babysat my nephews, I took them to Starbucks so I could grab a quick latte and gave them the whole spiel about how we were only there for coffee. They could have the cheese sticks I packed if they were feeling hungry. You know what happened? I stuck to my guns for about two minutes before being persuaded by two tiny people (with a combined age of 7) to buy each person in the car a cake pop (one for each of them... and myself).

The new Elf On The Shelf Cakebites are just as delicious and perfectly portioned as traditional cake pops without the stick. The bites come in two festive flavors. "Christmas Cake" is made of layers of red and green-colored vanilla cake topped with vanilla icing, while "Hot Cocoa" is made of chocolate cake and marshmallow icing layers, covered in chocolate. Imagine how good it will taste to dunk the latter into an actual cup of hot chocolate on a snowy day.

There’s also space on each individually wrapped pouch for your “elf” to write messages to your kids. A note like “keep up the great work!” is a sweet surprise for your kiddo to find waiting in their lunchbox and it keeps some of the magic alive outside of the house (especially if your little one has trouble leaving Scout Elf behind when it’s time to go to school).

Courtesy Of Walmart

Also, if thinking of creative new ideas for where to put the elf each night is taking up value brain power, then look no further than these cute little treats. Think of them as a starting point for all sorts of scenarios your mischievous little imp can get into. Maybe your kids will wake up to find the elf covered in crumbs with a telltale smear of chocolate frosting on its lips but no cake in sight. (You know you've truly won a situation when you get to eat cake and simultaneously provide your children with holiday magic.)

Courtesy Of Walmart

Or if you have more willpower than I do, put the elf in the cardboard box that the sweets come packaged in with a little sign instructing your kids to go find their (still wrapped) dessert somewhere in the house. When they find it, the elf will have written them an encouraging note for the day — just be sure to disguise your handwriting so you can avoid fielding way too many questions about why you and the elf write the same way and use the same pen. So coincidental.

If you're really getting inventive, you can try loosely tying a ribbon around the bites, like little packages from the elf, or maybe you can rest Scout's head against the cake to look like it's relaxing on fluffy pillows. Really the options are endless (and delicious).