Walmart's Top Toys For 2018 Are Here, & These 10 Will Bring The Kid Out In All Of Us

Losing Toys "R" Us felt like a blow to many parents. It was arguably the easiest place to shop at the holidays when you needed the "it" toy. Get in, get the toy, throw some elbows, and get out. Without it, many parents are left to wonder where they're going to go to get everything they need — especially at the last minute. Enter Walmart. The mega retailer just announced a reprieve for parents everywhere in the form of Walmart's new expanded toy section, complete with Walmart's Top Toys for the year. It will be complete with more aisles, better offerings, and the big discounts we've all come to expect from the Arkansas-based empire.

This year, Walmart's toy section will be 30 percent larger, featuring all the must-have items. The retail giant is stepping out in new ways with this venture, including hands-on playing, in-store demos, and new, specialty toy experiences online that will be featuring exclusive content from influencers. As of now, layaway is also back, so if you have any big-ticket items you're hoping to nab for Christmas or a birthday, you have the option to pay over time for those goods. This is a huge deal in a world where brick and mortar retail shops seem to be closing or downsizing at a lightning pace. Hopefully this new-and-improved Walmart toy section will be the answer to many of the practical problems this dearth of options has created. Their top toys are the product of a ton of research of trends, influencer advice, and their intrinsic knowledge of the best, hottest toys of the year.


Airhogs Supernova

Is your kid into magic? Well this is for them. This rechargeable toy is controlled by your hands to move back and forth through the air, soaring between your hands. The video of this toy is tons of fun, and it will no doubt be in high demand this winter, so you might as well grab one now.


Little People Take Turns Skyway

Little People toys were never this intricate or cool when we were growing up. They've since evolved and upgraded their toys for this generation and they're more intense than ever. This Take Turns Skyway is the perfect toy for whiling away the hours of rainy days.


Drone Force TerraSect Remote Control

This is just so cool, and it's a transforming toy that will have every tech geek screaming to get their hands on it. The makers at Drone Force are known for their intuitively designed toys, and this is no different. It responds with the slightest command, doing crazy tricks and spins that will delight your kids.


All Star Hoverboard

Since they've figured out how to stop these things from catching fire, hoverboards are some of the hottest items for the year. It works with your children's balance and tweaks in their posture, which is very cool. Just make sure to also buy helmets, elbow, knee, and wrist pads for safety's sake.


Rideamals Scout Interactive Pony

This pony only needs to be fed via its 12-volt battery, never poops, and your kid will have tons of fun with it.



Oh, you thought the Hatchimals craze was over? Au contraire. They've gotten bigger, better, and more interactive. They talk back to you, too, so be careful what you say to them when you and your partner are trying to figure out just what the heck this thing does after your kids go to bed.


PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

Admit it, you're singing the theme song in your head as you see this toy. It comes with real firing water cannons, and the ladder extends two feet. I can easily picture toddlers stepping away from the television to scoot this across the floor and put out imaginary fires all over the place.


Sing And Spin Scooter Minnie

This is so cool. Minnie, scooter extraordinaire, sings, spins, and scoots her way into your child's heart with this one. Her little pup is even along for the ride. It requires four AA batteries, but the first set is included, thank heavens.


STEM Jr. Wonder Lab

This is the only STEM lab designed for preschoolers, and it's the perfect toy to get them thinking about how things work, what makes them interesting, and how pieces align themselves in space — all while having a ton of fun. Little Tikes toys last forever, too, making them the best manufacturer for this specific toy.


Playmobil Hidden Temple With T-Rex

If you have a little one obsessed with dinosaurs, this is going to be the best toy of the year. Not only is Playmobil one of the best pretend play brands out there, their quality, their construction, and their ingenuity with genre toys make them the gold standard in this area. This explorers set has everything your little junior paleontologist could ever want.