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People Are Freaking Out About Kit Harrington's Lack Of Emmy Nomination

Happy Emmy Nomination Day! On Thursday morning, television fans around the world were eager to see who from their favorite shows would be honored to receive a 2017 Emmy nomination. And while some people are happy with the results, others are, naturally, freaking out due to the fact that Game of Thrones was visibly absent from the nominees, including some of the cast. But was Kit Harrington nominated for a 2017 Emmy? Naturally, fans are wondering why their favorite Targaryen (yeah, I said it) wasn't getting much love during the Emmy nominations.

Before people start gearing up for the second coming of the Battle of the Bastards, there's a huge reason he who knows nothing didn't get a nomination at the 2017 announcement. Fans should rest assured that it wasn't because his acting wasn't satisfactory, or that he wasn't given a plot line that would warrant a nom — don't blame the writers, guys! It's all based on timing, which sucks for the show, but hey, they're doing just fine.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Game of Thrones was completely ineligible for a nomination this year because of the time frame in which it is airing. (They just had to film during the winter for Season 7.) This season doesn't premiere until July 16, which means it misses the cut off date, which was May 31, 2017. The start date for the qualifying shows was June 1, 2016, which may lead some fans to say, "But... but the 'Battle of the Bastards' episode!" While that episode may be worthy of an Emmy (and an oxygen tank), it lands itself in the "hanging episodes" rule. That rule basically means that it was counted as part of last year's eligibility, making it ineligible this year.

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Due to the ineligibility of the show, the same applies to the cast involved. Of course, if you're not really looped into the timeframe of Emmy eligibility (really, why would you be as a normal watcher?), you probably freaked out when you realized Game of Thrones came up with zilch during the 2017 nominations. You, my friend, are not alone.

Others, though, are not as upset about the absence of Game of Thrones, acknowledging that its ineligibility allowed others to actually be nominated.

As mentioned, the show is doing just fine without the Emmy nominations. Plus, if all else fails, there is always the Golden Globes.