Was Your Cuisinart Food Processor Included In The Recent Recall? Here's How To Find Out

As the holidays approach, you're probably readying yourself for a whole lot of cooking. But if you rely on a Cuinsinart to help you out on the food prep front, you should double check to see if your appliance was included in the recent Cuisinart food processor recall. Turns out some of the machines have blades that, over time, have been cracking and breaking off into the processed food, leading to some nasty mouth lacerations for unsuspecting eaters. Now, the company is recalling over 8 million products. Yes, 8 million. That's a whole lot of food processors.

The makers of Cuisinart announced the recall after receiving 69 reports from people who found bits of blade in their food. Thirty of those reports were from people who received cuts in their mouth or hurt a tooth. According to a statement released by Conair (the company that owns the Cuisinart brand) and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the appliances in question were sold in department stores, specialty stores, and online in both the United States and Canada, between July 1996 and December 2015. Romper has reached out to Conair for additional comment on the recall and is awaiting a response.

More specifically, according to the recall statement,

This recall involves the riveted blades in Cuisinart food processors with model numbers that begin with the following: CFP-9, CFP-11, DFP-7, DFP-11, DFP-14, DLC-5, DLC-7, DLC-8, DLC-10, DLC-XP, DLC-2007, DLC-2009, DLC-2011, DLC-2014, DLC-3011, DLC-3014, EV-7, EV-10, EV-11, EV-14, KFP-7 and MP-14. The model number is located on the bottom of the food processor. The blades have four rivets and are silver-colored stainless steel and have a beige plastic center hub. Only food processors with four rivets in the blades are included in this recall.

Basically, it's not a great time to be Cuisinart, but at least the company caught the problem before it got seriously out of hand.

If your machine is included in the recall, stop using it immediately. But if you're freaking out about how you'll process your food without your handy-dandy Cuisinart, not to worry! The company will send you a free replacement blade. Just go to the Cuisinart website's recall section, or call the company at 877-339-2534 between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. ET during the week, or between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET on weekends.

Once you receive your replacement blade and are ready to get back to processing, be sure to remove your old, potentially faulty Cuisinart blade safely. (In other words, make sure there's zero chance that the machine will turn on while your hand is in there). Then, go ahead and get back to eating your processed food with abandon, not trepidation.