Starting on Wednesday, April 1, Disney Junior will be live streaming episodes of 'T.O.T.S.' and 'Dis...
Courtesy of Disney Junior

Disney Junior Is Hosting A Special YouTube Live Stream Featuring 'T.O.T.S' & More

While parents are cooped up at home with their kids and perhaps have run out of shows to watch, you might want to add the latest season of Disney Animals and new T.O.T.S. shorts to your watchlist. In an exclusive announcement shared with Romper, Disney Junior revealed it is hosting a live stream of the hit children's shows on its YouTube channel next week.

Starting at 1 p.m. EST (10 a.m. PST) on Wednesday, April 1, Disney Junior will debut a special live stream on its YouTube channel to celebrate Earth Day, which takes place later in the month on April 22. The live stream will include the latest season of Disney Animals, the very first episode of T.O.T.S., as well as all of the newly released T.O.T.S. shorts.

While the live stream begins on April 1 and will run for a full 24 hours, if you can't tune in that day, Disney Junior will air the live stream on a loop throughout the month of April, so parents and kids can tune in whenever is most convenient.

The animated comedy T.O.T.S. follows two best friends, Pip the penguin and Freddy the flamingo, who join the Tiny Ones Transportation Service and help deliver baby animals from a nursery to their forever families around the world. In Disney Animals, on the other hand, kids will meet real baby animals introduced by animated T.O.T.S. characters and the Disney Animals team that cares for them. For instance, in one episode, Pip and Freddy teach kids about baby flamingos, revealing that they're born with fluffy gray feathers and grow into that gorgeous pink hue.

If you'd like to watch T.O.T.S. and Disney Animals right now, you can also stream both shows on Disney Now. All 23 episodes of Season 1 of T.O.T.S. and the super cute one-minute shorts are available to stream. Kids can also watch the two-minute long Disney Animals shorts on Disney Now.

Or you can hold out until next week and head over to Disney Junior's YouTube channel to watch the special live stream.