Watch Jimmy Kimmel's Annual Halloween Candy YouTube Challenge, The Best Trick Of The Trick-Or-Treat Season

by Kate Ward

It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, I'm not talking about the impending holiday season. I'm talking about the release of Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween candy YouTube challenge. You know the annual video — parents take their kids trick-or-treating, hide the spoils, and tell their little ones that, sorry, mom and dad ate all the Reese's. Cue: Total. Child. Meltdown. 

It truly never gets old. Something that Kimmel noted himself introducing the video: "We never seem to run out of participants for this. Every year I think kids are gonna know, they watch these videos, maybe they'll be too old to fall for it ... I will be able to do this for as long as people continue to have sex."

In fact, this year, Kimmel said he received a record 1,000 video submissions, and the best ones are just as funny as previous iterations. We have children imploring their parents to "get a job" after taking their candy, children doling out impressive insults ("turkey butthole" is my favorite), and a surprisingly high number of children who can only react to the news by collapsing in shock and awe.

Like this one, perhaps my favorite moment in the video:

Of course, not every kid is as gullible — some are, in fact, catching on. But check out 2015's Halloween challenge video below, and start prepping your pranking plans for next year. 

Image: ABC