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We Asked Kids About The Last Time They Felt Pure Joy, And Their Answers Were So Sweet


What brings you joy?

For me, it's the obvious stuff, like an unexpectedly sunny day in the middle of February, or a hitting all green traffic lights when I'm running late.

But as a mom, I'm constantly reminded of the simpler moments that have just as much power to incite joy. Like when my daughter pours herself a glass of milk, puts said milk away, and places her used glass in the dishwasher, or when my eight-year-old sighs and says, “I loooove reading” (gah, that's a heart-warmer for this mom who makes a living writing words).

These moments may sound minor, but moms will agree — sometimes it's the simplest sentiments that make you ugly-cry.

But as much as we parents treasure these sweet moments, what's equally as special is seeing what brings joy to our kids — sharing in these innocent moments together helps us snap out of our grown up stress and reminds us what *actually* matters.

In an effort to find out what makes kids' hearts soar, we teamed up with DairyPure and had kids recount their favorite pure moments of joy. Spoiler alert: The responses made me laugh, in some cases get a little weepy, but in ALL cases inhale a delicious breath of fresh air.

Read on to see everything they had to say:

"I felt joy when I was in Mommy's belly. I really hoped that I would have a doggie. When I was born, I actually had one and I love her sooooo much."

"When my mom let me and my brothers have a shaving cream fight in the driveway. It was so weird and cool."

Per Miles' mom: "My boys love all things sticky, messy, and slimy. Who knew three bottles of shaving cream from the dollar store could make their day? And you know what? It made this mom's day too."

After Brooklyn’s mom explained that joy meant “being super-happy,” she replied, “Usually, when you pick me up [from school], I'm sad to leave my friends. But today, when you picked me up, I was so happy to see you.”

Per Charlie's mom: "She wouldn't sit still long enough to answer the question, so I'll answer for her — a few days ago there was a big storm outside and she was running from window to window all through the house, counting how many miles away the lightning was. Every time I'm reminded how much she loves nature, my heart gets a little bigger."

Jackson's mom told us, "I asked my son the last moment he felt joy ... he was silent for a few seconds as we were driving in the car. He was staring out the window, and then he says, ‘Well, there are some [wild] turkeys right there, so I guess it's now.’”

“The day I tested out of Unit 7 for Math. I was the only one the teacher called up to get a certificate! I couldn't wait to tell my mom when she picked me up from school."

"The other day when I was eating breakfast and I saw a big deer in the backyard! I was so excited I couldn't believe it."

Per Olivia's mom: "This was on a very busy morning — I was running around trying to get everyone ready for school, but hearing Olivia's pure squeal of excitement when she saw the deer brought me right back to the moment."

Well, now I'm crying all over again. Thanks, kids! But seriously, whether or not you're a parent, there's nothing like seeing the world through the eyes of a child to remind you just how beautiful it can be.

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