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Wells Admits He Hasn’t Kissed JoJo On ‘The Bachelorette’ & The Guys Don't Take It Well

Monday night's episode of The Bachelorette began with a confession from Wells – not a quasi-confession to cheating like Jordan dished out to JoJo last week, but something much more tame: he has not kissed JoJo yet. In fact, he's the only one of the remaining contestants to have not kiss her yet. This came after JoJo chose him for a one-on-one date and the note reading, "besa me, besa me muchacho" aka "kiss me, kiss me." When Wells admitted on The Bachelorette that he hasn't kissed JoJo that he hasn't kissed JoJo, the guys did not take it well.

First of all, the other contestants acted overtly macho like we're used to seeing them. They talked about how they assumed everyone had kissed JoJo by now and it was weird that Wells hadn't yet – Robby commented that whenever he's around JoJo he's "all over her," insinuating that that's the only way to act around JoJo. Then they began to make fun of Wells a bit for being shy and nervous and for taking it so seriously.

Wells was admittedly nervous about this date, and the way the other guys were reacting definitely did not help. Despite the fact that his relationship with JoJo was developing slowly compared to the others', he went on the date in hopes of getting his kiss.

Wells had waited so long to kiss JoJo, he wanted to do it right. There were several moments during the date that were prime for a kiss, but he did not go for it because it wasn't the right time. Finally, however, while riding some slide and emmersed in water, Wells kissed her. Afterwards JoJo commented, "That was the moment, Wells."

What Wells and JoJo did not know at the time was that their first kiss would also be their last. Later on the date, JoJo said she made a "hard decision" and chose not to give Wells a rose, for she does not believe he's the guy she's going to spend the rest of her life with. Instead, she sees them more so as friends. Unfortunately, Wells and JoJo's slow-developing relationship did not bode well for him.

JoJo, however, did not make this decision lightly. She was clearly conflicted, which says a lot seeing as Wells was not close to being one of the final contendors. JoJo having a hard time sending Wells home may be an indication of what's to come.