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Wes Memes To Help Heal Your 'HTGAWM' Woes

It's rare for a character death to be truly shocking on television, even on a show like How To Get Away With Murder which deals with brutal deaths and unexpected twists on the regular. The fact that Wes was a main character who had deep connections to Annalise made it seem like his story still had a lot of ground to cover, which made it particularly shocking when it came to an abrupt end. As upsetting as his death was, it gave the story real stakes and real consequences. And fans are definitely feeling his absence. These Wes memes from How To Get Away With Murder show how much he's already missed.

Wes may be gone, but he's still a huge part of the show. Not only is he present in flashbacks that illustrate just how much he meant to Annalise and the rest of the Keating 5 (now 4), but the mystery of his murder is now the driving question of the season. No one knows who killed Wes, but he definitely died under shady circumstances. What happened to Wes is something everyone wants to get to the bottom of, but at the same time everyone is still dealing with their grief. And I mean everyone — fans are just as broken up about what happened to Wes as the characters on the show are. But don't just take my word for it — for for yourself.

It's Hard To Handle

Wes' death hasn't been easy for anyone to come to terms with, and the feeling is perfectly captured by Wes himself in this picture.

It's The Final Straw

Some fans are even finding it hard to keep going without Wes around.

That's Not Lasagna

Other fans try to find comfort in humor, any way they can.

No Laughing Matter

But still others have had it up to here with all the focus on Wes' burned body; it is a hard image to see again and again.

Cry It Out

When all else fails, sometimes a good cry is all it takes to make you feel better.

Denial Is Just A River In Egypt

But sometimes you get stuck in another stage of grief: bargaining. Just because Wes has been chilling in the morgue doesn't mean anything! HTGAWM loves twists!

A Painful Reminder

Wes has been on the show just as much as before even though he's no longer with us, making it too easy to forget that he's passed on.

It's Heartbreaking

And when you forget and are reminded, the tears just start all over again.

Conspiracy Theory

But once you're done venting, it's time to try and figure out just what happened to Wes — and hope that the person who killed him pays for what they did.

No Mercy

Fans have long pointed out Shonda Rhimes' willingness to kill off even the most beloved of characters, but she's not to blame for Wes' passing. Rhimes is an executive producer on the show, not a writer; fans would do better to bring their complaints to the showrunner, Pete Nowalk. (Why must you toy with our emotions so?!)

Remember The Good Times

At the end of the day, nothing can change what happened. All you can do is focus on Wes' best moments — like the ones his friends dwelled on in "We're Bad People" as they tried to come to terms with Wes' death.

Wes may be gone, but that doesn't mean his story is over. Until viewers find out what happened to him, Wes is still a part of things.