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'Westworld' Theories About Maeve Show That This Host Has Quite A Story To Tell

Unfortunately, or I guess perhaps fortunately depending on your opinion, Episode 5 of Westworld titled "Contrapassao" was heavy on Dolores and light on Maeve. Whereas Episode 4 went into some detail about Maeve's burgeoning self-discovery, fans only got a short glimpse of her in the following episode, but boy what a glimpse it was. While she spent most of the episode lying naked on a metal slab, she woke up in the last few seconds, inviting the "butcher" to chat. The Westworld theories about Maeve subsequently abounded. They prove not only that Maeve has more story to tell, but also that she's a character that genuinely fascinates people.

The theories about Maeve haven't caught on quite as well as some of the theories about William and the ever-fascinating Man in Black, but she is clearly still a person of interest in the Reddit and theorizing world. Is it important that she woke up just as the butcher succeeded in bringing his robot bird to life? What does she want to talk about? Does Maeve have a history of acting out? What, exactly is going on in her head right now? People have, of course, come up with some truly wondrous thoughts about what her role in the story will be.

Maeve Is Key To Discovering The Maze

Perhaps this is a bit of a stretch, but one observant Redditor, Pokapokaoka, pointed out a key image in which Maeve, in one of her frontier flashbacks of her days before the brothel, is seen lying in the fetal position of the maze. Does this mean that Maeve is, quite literally, at the center of the maze? Or has she found the center of the maze before?

Maeve Knows How To Wake Herself Up

In one harrowing scene, Maeve woke up while underground even though she was supposed to be in sleep mode. An argument between her robot medics ensued, in which one accused the other of forgetting to shut her down properly. But what if she was in sleep mode and used the "3, 2, 1" command to wake herself up? This theory was posited by Redditor, Raiskream, and holds a lot of weight. After all, "3, 2, 1" is the command Elsie used to wake her up, and Maeve is seen telling Clementine to use this countdown to wake herself up when she has nightmares. The fact that Maeve apparently woke herself up to chat with the butcher certainly gives credence to this.

Brothel-Keeper Maeve Doesn't Exist In William & Logan's Timeline

Timelines are a constant and obsessive interest to most of the Reddit community, and it is taken as all but fact that William exists in a time prior to the events of the "present" day. If this is true, it is suggested that in William's time, Maeve is perhaps living out her farmhouse horror, and not the daily trauma of the brothel. After all, she is never seen to interact with William, and she was "awakened" somehow by Dolores's "violent ends" command.

It's hard to predict which (if any) of these theories turn out to be true, but either way, I have a good feeling that Maeve will play a central role in all of it. Mark my words.