The Age You Can Take Your Kids To 4th Of July Fireworks

America's favorite (and also loudest) holiday is almost here, and parents of young children everywhere are wondering at what age you should take your kids to see the fireworks. After all, what's a successful 4th of July celebration without more food than you can eat followed up with some loud, colorful pyrotechnics? If you've got young children, however, you might be wondering if the fireworks will scare your kids too much or if they present a danger to your little one. Knowing the facts (and your child's disposition) is the best way to make an informed decision about whether or not you'll be attending or throwing your own fireworks show this year.

According to Parents, you can bring your baby, toddler, or young child to a fireworks show, but you should be prepared for any reaction. Although they're technically safe (as long as you're not too close, but more on that later), some children are mesmerized by the bright colors and lights, while others are terrified. You might have to experiment a bit — start off inside, with a view from afar, or be close to your car so you can sit inside during the show if your little one gets too scared.

In addition to your child's temperament, there is also a bit of safety information you should consider before you decide to take your kiddos to a fireworks show, especially if they're very young. According to the Accoustic Hearing Center, fireworks can top 155 decibels if you're sitting within 10 feet — louder than a military jet takeoff. The article recommended sitting at least 500 feet away from where the fireworks are being launched to protect everyone's ears.

Similarly, The Bump noted that if you can physically feel the vibrations from the fireworks, you're definitely sitting too close. The article also cautioned against lighting off your own personal fireworks with a baby or small child around since they're much more temperamental and accident prone than a professional show would be.

Whatever your decision, if you do decide to take your baby to their first ever fireworks show this 4th of July, be equally prepared for joy or a meltdown. They may love it, but if not, there's always next year.