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What Are Christmas' Tattoos On 'Big Brother 19'? Her Ink Means Something Special To Her


Big Brother 19 is only in its third week, but Christmas has already managed to survive two separate evictions. The fitness superstar is cool, could definitely beat most of the other houseguests in an arm wrestling contest, and has some really awesome looking tattoos that you can't help but stare at. So what are Christmas' tattoos on Big Brother 19? They're all actually pretty personal to her.

Christmas is inked up all over her body, everywhere from the sleeve on her left arm right down to her right calf. She regularly shows her art off on her Instagram. "I got my first tattoo when I was 15," Christmas explained in a video from 2013. (At the time, Christmas said she had 13 tattoos "and counting," but it's hard to tell if she's gotten more in the years since.) "Every one is a very significant piece of my life," she continued.

Her calf tattoo is one of a Weeping Willow because of a game she played as a child where she'd pretend the tree was her castle. She also has her brother and sister's names and birthdays, a compass on her side along with the quote, "Not all who roam are lost," as well as a pistol on her hip. Her left arm has the perhaps most prominent and detailed ink.

"She's my goddess," Christmas said of her arm tattoo. "Very welcoming, she has her hand out, and in the other hand she has a big sword. So she's saying, 'Hi, I'll be nice, but don't cross me.'" Knowing what we know about Christmas' strategy in the game so far, that also sort of seems like it might be a familiar mantra for her.

Christmas' tattoos aren't the only parts of her that are being talked about lately. Last Monday, she broke her foot in the backyard, but has continued to soldier on despite rumors that the break was bad enough that Christmas might have to temporarily leave the house in order to get surgery. She was recently heard telling Paul on the live feeds that the procedure has been delayed, so everything seems up in the air for her at the moment. Big Brother is obviously a physical game, and if Christmas is not able to physically compete, it could affect her in the long run.

Despite her back-to-back eviction nominations and breaking her foot, Christmas has shown that she is determined to stay in the game. She is definitely proving herself to be someone to watch this summer.