Ice Dragons Could Be Coming To 'Game Of Thrones'

Fans have seen some truly disturbing sights as The Night King builds up his army of the dead: babies have turned into White Walkers, entire villages of dead people have morphed into wights, and even a few wight giants. And if you remember the story Old Nan told Bran way back in Season 1, the Army of the Dead even counted ice spiders among their ranks. Apparently, anything that can be turned into a wight, even animals, which brings us to a truly terrifying possibility: ice dragons. But what are ice dragons on Game of Thrones? They could play a critical role in the battle of ice and fire.

Ice dragons have been briefly mentioned in the world of Game of Thrones, and George R.R. Martin even wrote a book about one in 1980, 16 years before the first installment of A Song of Ice and Fire was released. Basically, ice dragons are the opposite of regular, fire-breathing dragons. Instead of breathing castle-melting, human-roasting fire, the creatures made of ice breathe frigid air, cold enough to freeze a person on contact. They're also described as having crystal blue eyes like White Walkers and are said to be much larger than Valyrian dragons.

What's not clear is whether ice dragons are born or made by White Walkers. Some fans theorize that one of Dany's dragons will die and be turned into a ice dragon by The Night King, which would put deadly dragons on both sides of the wars to come. Furthermore, this would make The Night King the third dragonrider in the "dragon has three heads" prophecy, pushing Tyrion out of the running.

The other possibility is that Jon Snow will come across an ice dragon in the wild, tame it, and ride it alongside Dany and Tyrion as a united "ice and fire" three-headed dragon front. In the books, ice dragons are said to roam the White Waste, and Jon Snow is currently on a sojourn north of The Wall — the perfect opportunity for him to run into one. A more obscure theory uses the mythology of the 1980 book, in which an ice dragon melts into a small, cold pond after helping a princess defeat seven fire dragons. Some fans speculate that the pond outside Winterfell could be a melted ice dragon, lying in wait to resurrect à la Jon Snow and serve him when he needs it most.

Either way, ice dragons sound straight-up terrifying and awesome and it will definitely be a wild ride if one pops up on the series.