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What Are Kevin's Tattoos On 'Big Brother 19'? He's Been Tight-Lipped So Far


Fans are really loving Kevin on Big Brother 19. At 55 years old, he is the oldest houseguest and was no one's initial pick for who would be the one to watch this season. But he's quickly won viewers over by having an awesome sense of humor and by stealthily establishing himself as a legitimate threat, showing that he is capable of lying, and lying well, to the other houseguests. So it's only natural for fans to want to learn more about him. So what are Kevin's tattoos on Big Brother 19?

While Kevin isn't totally inked up like Paul or Christmas, or required to cover his up with band-aids like Matt, he definitely has some noticeable tats on his arms and chest. He doesn't seem to have really talked about them yet, either in or out of the house from what I can tell, but I for one am pretty curious about what someone like Kevin would get tattoos of.

On Kevin's upper right arm is a collection of words, and on his left arm is a cross and a line of vertical stars running down it. One side of his chest seems to read "Mission Hill," while the other looks like it possibly says "Little Way," though again, this is all just mere speculation. It's really difficult to make all of it out.

It's entirely possible that Kevin's tattoos would mean something personal to him. The guy has a pretty interesting life outside of the Big Brother house! He's been married to his wife for 31 years, is a father of seven, and was once crowned Mr. Massachusetts when he was younger. While he isn't very active on social media, Kevin's family is currently running his official Twitter account and he has made several appearances on his daughter and niece's YouTube channel, where he does things like react to K-pop.

Kevin is playing a great game so far, especially when it comes to getting other houseguests to trust him. He surprised America when he voted to evict Jillian over Christmas, and then managed to make everyone else believe that Ramses had done it instead. Also, regardless of whether he wins the game, Kevin is walking away with $25,000, which he's also somehow convinced the rest of the house he doesn't have.

On no one's radar, he may currently be in the best spot in the house. If I could give some advice to the younger houseguests? It's time to stop underestimating Kevin.