Myles Aronowitz/Netflix

What Are The 5 Movements On 'The OA'? It's How The Hostages Can Escape

(Warning: this post contains spoilers from The OA Episode 5.) Netflix's new mystery, The OA, presents questions about death, different dimensions, and other realities. The main character, Prairie, disappeared seven years go when she ran away from home and was taken by Dr. Hunter Hap, a scientist interested in people who have survived near death experiences. After Prairie was killed (again) by Hap, she came back to life believing there was a way for them all to escape, but she wasn't exactly sure how. Thankfully Scott provided the answer with the five movements, but what are the five movements on The OA?

Before Hap knocked Prairie in the back of the head, killing her, she was blind. However, once she came back from the dead again she could see once more. When she died, she'd found the same woman she met when she died the first time when she was a young child. The woman had Prairie eat a bird that gave her knowledge and a movement. Prairie than instructed Homer to eat a living creature when he died again so that when he awoke he would have his own movement. Later, when Hap accidentally killed Scott during an experiment, Homer and Prairie did their two movements together until Scott was healed, reviving him, and when he came back he was able to explain the five movements.

Scott was given the third movement and told them that they'd need five movements in total, one for each hostage, and when they combine the movements they'll be able to open the tunnel to another dimension that would allow them to escape from Hap. Unfortunately, they were only ever able to gather four of the movements. Prairie feared their guardians (the people they saw when they died) wouldn't give them the fifth because Hap was also learning the movements and he'd have the power to open the tunnel too.

However, fans know that the hostages did get the last movement somehow because Prairie is able to teach her new group of friends the five movements. So what went wrong with the hostages plan and will Prairie be able to save them now? Fans will just have to keep watching to find out.