Here's What To Look For In A Pregnancy Shoe

Whether you're chasing kids around the house, dressing up for a date night, or heading to the gym, shoes are the key to fashion and comfort. There are shoes for every occasion, so why not when you're expecting too? When trying to figure out what are the best shoes for pregnancy, consider support as vital during this time, and find the right shoes to handle swelling or achey feet.

Although there aren't many shoes specifically labeled as a maternity shoe, there are plenty of options available to help alleviate pain and aches. Not to mention, the right shoe should actually help with back, hip, and leg pain too, according to Parent Guide.

You don't even have to look for a recommended brand of shoe either. Instead, you can head into a store to sift through shoes yourself if you know what important characteristics to find. First, you want to find a shoe that's easy to slip on, according to the aforementioned Parent Guide article, especially once you hit third trimester, when reaching your foot can seem like a triathlon.

According to Mom Junction, it's possible your feet may grow anywhere from half to a full size, so a good shoe for pregnancy may need a little extra space if you're buying them early on. Additionally, if you're worried about swelling, it's a good idea to find a wide version of your shoe size. Once you've got the fit down, support is going to be the next crucial piece in alleviating pain.

In order to find a supportive shoe, REI suggested you pick up a shoe by the heel and bend the toe upward, where it should bend under the ball of the foot. You'll also want to twist the shoe sole from heel to toe, and see if you feel moderate resistance. If the arch bends at a place other than the ball of your foot or shows no resistance when twisting, you should move onto another shoe.

For those moms who want to avoid trying on a ton of different shoes, here are a few pregnancy-approved shoes you can reach for instead.


Skechers GoWalk 4 – Achiever

GoWalk 4 – Achiever, $65, Skechers

This slip-on Skechers shoe is a very simple and affordable option that hits all the key characteristics for the perfect pregnancy shoe. As far as style, they're neutral and sleek, but also provide great support and stretchability for swelling feet.



Arizona, $125, Birkenstock

My mother worked in the health field most of my life, and always encouraged Birkenstocks. I initially didn't like them for fashion reasons, but those flew out the window when I become pregnant. I wore Birkenstocks all the time, and they were the only summer shoes that didn't make my feet ache. As a bonus, they're very in style now and most big box stores carry knock-off brands.


OESH La Vida v2.0 Deep Wisteria

La Vida v2.0 Deep Wisteria, $120, OESH

For those looking for a pop of color, La Vida v2.0 Deep Wisteria (also advertised as "OESH ALL DAY Maternity LV2") is designed based on human movement research by a female physician, scientist, and engineer, according to OESH's description. The shoe responds well to posture and is great for those constantly on the move.


Suede Diamond Embossed Women's Jutti Flats

Suede Diamond Embossed Women's Jutti Flats, $84, TOMS

Though they make an outfit pop, heels should be avoided during pregnancy, according to the aforementioned Parent Guide article. Instead, a stylish pair of flats is a great way to go, and these Jutti Flats from TOMS are a comfortable yet stylish option. They may even appeal to your maternal side, considering for every pair of shoes you buy from TOMS, they give a pair to a child in need.


Alegria Nanook

Alegria Nanook Cozy Choco Boots, $79, Alegria

When snow and ice hits, Alegria Nanook boots offer great comfort and support with a memory foam footbed. They also give you the option to remove the footbed if you want to add in personalized orthotics. The boot is slip-resistant, which is much needed in the winter months, and comes in several different colors — both solid and with design.