The Busby Family from TLC's "OutDaughtered"

The Busby Quints Have A Lot Of Cute Nicknames

by Megan Walsh
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After welcoming their quintuplets, Danielle and Adam Busby's family of three instantly jumped to eight. Eldest daughter Blayke Louise was suddenly joined by five little sisters, and the entire family has found a large audience thanks to TLC's OutDaughtered. But if you're less familiar with the babies (or you're having trouble telling them apart, no shame), then you might be curious what the Busby quints' names are.

Ava Lane, Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, Riley Paige, and Parker Kate make up the rest of the Busby clan. Danielle tracked her pregnancy nearly from day one on her blog It's A Buzz World!, though she didn't delve into what inspired each and every name. There was only one surprise in the naming process: Danielle and Adam originally thought they were having four girls and one boy, but soon discovered they would be parents to the very first all-female quintuplets born in the United States.

Danielle revealed the names shortly before the girls' birth with a Pinterest-worthy chalkboard graphic, noting that they "had to change our boy name to a girl name." But it wasn't much trouble in the end after all, as Danielle added, "Luckily we had a few other girl names in mind when we were deciding the other four, lol."


The girls also have plenty of nicknames. On her blog, Danielle said that Ava had the most nicknames, all on a similar theme: "tater tot, butter ball, big butt, squishy, tuber." Her identical twin sister Olivia shares the "butter ball" diminutive, but has quite a few nicknames of her own as well. The family calls her Livie, Livie Lou, or LuLu. It seems like their sister Riley has trouble telling the twins apart, with Danielle revealing on her blog that two-year-old Riley referred to each of them as either "Ava LuLu" or "LuLu Ava."

Riley, proclaimed a "hot mess" by her mother on the blog, is apparently something of a handful. When she was just a year old, she discovered that she "loves to spit and talk back in her own language," according to Danielle. In Touch Weekly reported that the family likes to call her RiRi; it must truly be an honor to share a nickname with Rihanna.

Hazel is the quint rocking baby frames because she has a vision condition called nystagmus that causes her eyes to make uncontrolled, repetitive movements. She has been dubbed Hazel poo, little bit, and strawberry. Lastly, youngest quint Parker is called "baby baby" by her oldest sister Blayke. Parker is the youngest of the five, which makes her the baby of the family twice over in Blayke's opinion. That's what earned her the nickname. Despite being the youngest, Danielle noted that Parker was "the alpha quint." By her second birthday, she'd gotten another sobriquet: PK, for Parker Kate.

Though two of the girls are twins and they are, of course, quintuplets, Danielle and Adam have said that they all have very different personalities. "Like, Olivia is always laughing," Danielle said in the early years of OutDaughtered. "Ava is a little bit more serious." Adam added that Riley was the "instigator" and "her sole focus was just to push people's buttons."

"Then Parker is just Sporty Spice, you know," Danielle continued. "She can climb on things and just do stuff so much quicker than the other ones." Hazel, meanwhile, was "the sweetest one out of all of them." She was also the easiest to tell apart from the others because of her bright red hair.

Though the Busby quints might look alike to a layman, they all have utterly unique personalities and (from the sound of it) nicknames to fit every occasion.

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