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What Are The Drawings In Hester's Cell In 'Scream Queens'? They Could Be A Clue

One of the most entertaining aspects of the highly entertaining comedy-horror series Scream Queens is speculating wildly about who could be the serial killer terrorizing the least likable protagonists in television history. Though the series is fond of shocking twists and surprises, there are always clues along the way that the observant fan can use to piece together the mystery. For example, what are the drawings in Hester's cell? Could they be a clue as to who the "Green Meanie" is?

When our "heroes" go to visit Hester in prison, it is in order to gain some insight into the mind of a serial killer, and thus hopefully help the amateur detectives figure out the Green Meanie's identity. If this sounds a little like Silence of the Lambs, the parallels don't stop there. Like Hannibal Lecter of Silence, Hester is locked in a windowless cell, and longs only for a view. Also like Hannibal, Hester has tried to make up for her lack of scenery by creating her own, in the form of sinister sketches that she hangs on the wall. Hannibal drew a picture of Jodie Foster's Clarice Starling taming a lamb, symbolic of the film in general. Could Hester's drawings also point to the killer?

When the Chanels and Denise questioned her, Hester hinted heavily that she knew exactly who the killer was, telling them the answer was right in front of their faces. Well, right in front of their faces were a few interesting drawings. One was of what looks like a human figure with his or her internal organs totally visible. The other is a building, and could possibly be the sorority house, the university, or perhaps the hospital. Take from this what you will. Although it is most likely that if these drawings are a clue, they won't become obvious until after we figure out who the killer is.

Should the Silence of the Lambs conceit continue throughout this season, it looks like we'll only have to worry about Hester as a side-piece murderer. She's not the biggest problem the ladies have to worry about this year, but she probably won't make their lives much easier, either, actually.