'The White Princess' Episode Titles May Be Telling

by Anna Rose Iovine

Like chapters in a novel, episode titles for a series may reveal a lot about what's in store. For Starz's The White Princess, the succinct titles could provide insight into what events from history will unfold in the next hour. While only two have aired up to this point, viewers can find titles for all of them online. They can also see how the first two aligned with what went down in the episodes. So what are the names of The White Princess episodes? They could give hints of what's to come.

The premiere of The White Princess was called "In Bed With The Enemy," which is perhaps the perfect name for the episode. It centered around how Elizabeth of York was set to marry whomever won the War of the Roses. Henry VII ascended to the throne — killing King Richard III in the process — so Elizabeth had to marry him. Since they were from rival houses, Tudor and York respectively, they literally had to be "in bed with the enemy." The second episode was called "Hearts and Minds." While less obvious than the first, the title could refer to how King Henry was not in London — he was on Royal Progress to establish himself as the new king. While he was not present, he was in the "hearts and minds" of his people and his wife, Elizabeth.


Sunday's episode is simply called "Burgundy." It's unlikely that it's about the shade of red (though, it would make for a beautiful dress color); it may be about the House of Burgundy. While French, some members coincided with the House York. The fourth episode is called "The Pretender." This one is fun to speculate about; perhaps someone impersonates the king or queen. Or, maybe someone in the castle is pretending to be someone they're not.

The fifth episode, "Traitors," can go in many different directions. For one, the fact that Henry and Elizabeth are even together could make them "traitors" of their houses. The plot could also be about a third-party who commits treason. The rest are titled "English Blood on English Soil," "Two Kings," and "Old Curses." They're vague enough not to give anything away but at the same time, they may be clues as to what goes down. While The White Princess is based off history, it may veer off into fictional events — in which case, the titles may be even more telling. Viewers will have to stay tuned to see if any of their predictions hold true.