This Is Where You Can Breastfeed At SeaWorld

Whether it's exploring and interacting with awe-inspiring marine life, experiencing thrilling roller coasters and rides, or checking out the amazing animal shows, SeaWorld is an great park to visit with you and your family. SeaWorld is very kid-friendly, offering children's interactive stations, toys, and facilities, but it also seems to be nursing-friendly too. For breastfeeding moms, feeding in public comes with its own hesitations for fear of backlash or judgment. So whether you're visiting for the penguins or the dolphins, you may want to know, what are your breastfeeding rights at SeaWorld?

When it comes to your rights, knowing the breastfeeding laws in each state is important. According to BreastFeeding Law, the states in which SeaWorld parks are located, California, Florida, and Texas, all allow moms to breastfeed anywhere, public or private spaces, as long as they are authorized to be there. It's interesting to note that Florida and California's laws seem to be the most nursing-friendly of the three states, where provisions include breastfeeding rights, irrespective of nipples showing, and enforcement of violations of these laws.

So how do the parks accommodate the rights of nursing moms? SeaWorld, as it turns out, is pretty baby and mom-friendly. According to Inside SeaWorld, the San Diego park has dedicated spacious nursing rooms — with rocking chairs for mom's comfort — called the Manta bathrooms near the Manta roller coaster. So while the rest of the family is in line waiting to catch the thrill of the Manta, you can take a break and nurse if you need to.

At SeaWorld Orlando, noted Moms Pump Here, there are dedicated nursing rooms in their Baby Care Center which is located in Shamu's Happy Harbor, and is equipped with changing tables, tiny toilets for kids, a sitting room, a kitchen, and four nursing stations with accommodations for breastfeeding and pumping.

The SeaWorld park in San Antonio also has facilities for nursing moms. According to Mommy Snippets, between almost all of the restrooms in the park, there are diapering/nursing rooms that are quiet, air-conditioned, lockable, some with benches, some with rocking chairs, and charging ports for your cell phone. Being able to charge your phone, while you breastfeed your baby in a private, cool, quiet setting, is a really wonderful and thoughtful amenity provided by the parks.

So nursing moms, don't fear, SeaWorld parks have got you covered. You can spend your day enjoying the wonders and excitement of the beautiful marine animals, knowing that there is a breastfeeding-friendly space available to you whenever you need it. And if you don't feel like heading to the rooms, remember that breastfeeding in public is protected by the states that all three SeaWorld locations are in, so have no fear.