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Danielle L.'s Business Is Impressive

A remarkable four weeks into Nick Viall's turn on The Bachelor, and his season's villain is still around. But some women are starting to stand out for good reasons, too. Nick and Vanessa hit it off beautifully, in spite of a date gone very wrong. (It involved vomit.) Raven impressed Nick by opening up about her history of being cheated on. And Danielle L. revealed that part of why she had been so focused on her career instead of relationships was because her parents got divorced when she was 17. So what business does Danielle L. own on The Bachelor? For the past year, she's worked as the Chief Business Development Officer of a Los Angeles-area nail salon called Champagne Nail Lounge.

This is actually the second nail salon she's owned, after successfully running Hana Nails: A Modern Spa for about two and a half years. Danielle L. also worked as a Chief Brand Officer for an ice cream parlor and as a Brand Ambassador and Model Coordinator for a modeling agency, so she's clearly drawn to management. She has a background in beauty retail, following getting her cosmetology license in 2009. She also bounced around a bit in undergrad, switching between various business admin and psychology programs. But it looks like her unique approach to learning both the practical and social science aspects of business management paid off. She has a great resume and a broad range of experience in her field.

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And while most of us know all too well that nail salons can be a bit of a hit or miss experience, Champagne Nail Lounge actually seems to be a pretty high-end experience. Guests are treated to complimentary champagne with their services, plus bonus flip flops if you didn't walk into your pedicure with tacky polish-friendly shoes.

Champagne Nail Lounge is the 27-year-old Bachelor contestant's third business venture (after the ice cream parlor and the first nail salon). She was just 23 years old when she started, so she definitely seems to have a knack for it, and she likely has, as her LinkedIn profile boasts, "exceptional communication skills." Danielle L. seems like a great match for Nick in the sense that she already has an established career path to focus on, unlike some of the other women who probably still have some self-discovery to do. While, of course, there's nothing wrong with striking out on a journey of self-discovery with a partner, Nick seems to respond positively to highly ambitious women who already know and are working toward exactly what they want.