Sarah Shatz/Netflix

This Earth-Shattering Moment In 'The Defenders' Needs To Be Explained

Big things are always happening in New York City, but it's rare that the city is hit by an earthquake. However, the seemingly impossible happened in the premiere episode of The Defenders. A mysterious earthquake rocked most of the city, with it's epicenter falling right in the middle of Hell's Kitchen. So what caused the earthquake on The Defenders? It may not be a what, but rather, a who. (Warning: spoilers ahead for Episode 2 of The Defenders!)

The big bad of The Defenders is Alexandra, who seems to be in charge of The Hand. Together with Madame Gao, and some mysterious others, she's working on a plan that seems to involve destroying New York City in order to give the world a clean slate. Step one was apparently the earthquake. After the tremor shook the city, Elektra, aka the Black Sky, came to see Alexandra, who told her she'd get used to seeing cities fall, seemingly confirming that the earthquake wasn't exactly caused by mother nature.

But one has to wonder how exactly Alexandra was was able to accomplish this. Is it possible that she channeled whatever powers Elektra has as the Black Sky in order to cause the ground to literally shake? The Black Sky is supposed to be the weapon of The Hand and also the entity that The Hand serves. After being resurrected, it's clear Elektra is now stronger and faster, and it wouldn't be implausible for her to now posses the ability to cause a natural disaster.

Whether or not Elektra actually caused the earthquake by herself, it seems pretty obvious that Alexandra and The Hand were behind the incident. The real question is, why? Sure the earthquake did a certain amount of damage to the city, but it wasn't that detrimental. No one died because of it and the city is still standing. So what was the point?

That remains to be the seen. Whatever the reasoning, it surely has to do with Alexandra's bigger plans. The earthquake seems to be just phase one of what's to come for New York City and as the pieces of her plan start falling into place, the Defenders will eventually have to meet up and work together. Thus far, they all seem to be dealing with some part of The Hand's affairs, however, they have yet to figure out how everything's connected. Hopefully, they'll soon come to realize that the only way they'll be able to get answers and protect NYC is by working together.