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What Did Beyonce's Sparkly Shoe Instagram Mean?

by Casey Suglia

Having every single thing about you analyzed for a hidden meaning is not uncommon if you're Beyoncé. Especially if you're Beyoncé and you're pregnant with twins. Since announcing her second pregnancy (with twins) earlier this year with husband Jay Z, practically everything about Beyoncé — from her clothing choices to her public statements — have been picked apart for hints as to the gender of her unborn children. Those same speculators are surely wondering what did Beyoncé's sparkly shoe Instagram mean, after posting the photo to her account on Friday.

Beyoncé shared a large amount of photos to her Instagram of her and daughter 5-year-old Blue Ivy wearing matching dresses and posing at the Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles, California. Beyoncé and Blue Ivy could not be any cuter or happier together. But this time, Beyoncé and her very prominent pregnancy bump or Blue Ivy's incredibly stylish outfit were not the most talked about pictures. Instead, fans were drawn to the photo posted to her account of one pink sparkly shoe amidst a pink background. Not because the shoe is super cute (which it is) but because it's just and out of place among the other photos. This has some leading to believe that Beyoncé could be having twin girls — because why not?

Unfortunately, while the photo seems highly suspicious, it is not actually a definite confirmation that Beyoncé is having two twins girls (which might never be confirmed until she gives birth) — but it is a good guess. People on Twitter think that this photo, however serves as confirmation (especially with the two sprinkles in the corner of the photo possibly symbolizing twins).

The truth is, people will continue to analyze these photos Beyoncé posts the moment until she gives birth and confirms the gender of her babies. It looks like that confirmation might not happen as soon as people want it to. Beyoncé's father, Mathew Knowles confirmed to TMZ on Friday that Beyoncé's due date is not within the next two weeks. But on the bright side, according to E!, Beyoncé is in her third trimester of pregnancy — which more than likely means the babies will be here this summer. The anticipation is killing everyone.

While it is fun to speculate what Beyoncé is having, her photos should really only be taken at face value. This picture of this pink sparkly shoe is simply that — a picture of a shoe, not a look inside Beyoncé's pregnancy bump. Sorry, folks.