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Did Prince Harry *Really* Swear During The Royal Wedding

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding day was full of grace, beautiful moments, and a lot of tears. As it turns out, however, Meghan and Harry's special day also included some choice words. That being said, did Prince Harry swear during the royal wedding? Some fans are convinced Harry let out a choice curse word during the nuptials, and there's a chance they might be right.

It's no secret Meghan and Harry's wedding ceremony at St. George's chapel on Saturday was gorgeous. From the beautiful bride (how awesome did Meghan look?) to the stunning white flowers adorning the chapel, the scene was beyond perfect. And, as to be expected, there were a lot of nerves during the ceremony. Case in point: Harry was so nervous during the wedding that he *might* have said "I'm "sh***ing it" right before the couple traded vows, according to ET Online. Yep, this wedding was awesome on all fronts.

So, what happened here? Why do people think Harry casually let out a curse word in front of his 600 fancy guests? I don't think the Queen of the United Kingdom would approve of Harry using the word sh***ing, after all.

Harry, however, is his own man and he doesn't subscribe to many royal traditions. One of those rebellious moves includes cursing at his wedding, apparently. As you can see, Harry supposedly mouths the words "I'm sh***ing it" — a testament to his nerves — as he stands with Meghan at their wedding altar, according to LAD Bible. Harry, clearly amused by his breach of decorum, then lets out a little nervous laugh. Yep, Harry has officially secured the title of best prince ever. You go, Glen Coco.

Of course, many people are *loving* Harry's potential cursing moment.

"So far we’ve had MLK, slavery, ‘sexual union’, a gospel preacher, a divorcee bride, Kate giving Camilla side-eye, Eugenie working for Pan Am and Harry saying he’s ‘sh***ing it’. This is the best wedding ever. #royalwedding," someone joked.

"Huge fan of Harry saying “I’m sh***ing it” in front of every country in the f***ing world," another fan chimed in.

"24.5 million people watching the royal wedding, and we’ve all just witnessed Prince Harry say 'I’m shitting it,'" someone else added.

"Mood: Prince Harry saying “I’m sh***ing it.” under his breath in front of the worlds media," one person joked.

Ha. I think it's safe to say this might be the most iconic royal wedding moment of all time.

On a slightly more serious note, I think Harry possibly letting out a curse is a testament to how real the couple is. Although Harry and Meghan must subscribe to certain traditions and typical royal behaviors, it's clear they intend to remain true themselves and their relationship no matter what. Plus, shouldn't Harry be allowed to be himself on his own wedding day? It's actually pretty comforting that Harry might have cursed, in my opinion, because it's a reminder to people that he's human. I think people forget this fact sometimes. Harry, just like any other nervous groom out there, curses. Whoop-de-do. Let the man live.

Others, however, aren't convinced that Harry cursed.

"Can’t decide if Prince Harry said “I’m lucky” or “I’m sh***ing it”. But both answers are great," someone said.

"We need someone to settle this...what did Prince Harry say when he saw Meghan Markle? Was it 'I'm sh***ing it' or 'You look amazing'? #royalwedding," another person wrote.

Hmm, well I guess it's possible that Harry could have told Meghan, "You look amazing," instead of, "I'm sh***ing it." At the end of the day, however, it doesn't really matter what Harry said. All that matters is that the Meghan and Harry are now husband and wife. Congrats.