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What Do I Do With Eggs On Pokemon Go? Eggs Can Be Very Rewarding

Pokemon Go has officially taken over. It seems like you can't read a newspaper or turn on the TV without hearing about how everyone has taken to playing the most popular game at the moment. But if you're already one of the millions who are playing the game, then you already know that. If you're also one of the millions that have eggs in the game you might be wondering — what do I do with eggs on Pokemon Go?

Don't wonder too much — those eggs can actually be very valuable. And with time, the eggs can hatch into very valuable Pokemon — which is great if you're all about expanding your collection. Eggs, of course, are items you can grab at Pokestops (the places of interest around town where you capture Pokemon) and might not seem valuable at first. But like all eggs, a little patience is needed before they can hatch.

Once you have an egg, walk with it and try to capture more Pokemon. No, seriously — go for a walk. Depending on what kind of egg you have, you'll have to walk a specific distance. The egg will tell you how long you need to walk — either 2 km, 5 km, or 10 km.

Once you walk your specific distance, your egg will hatch. According to Forbes, the longer distance your egg requires to walk the better the reward will be — but there is no telling what the reward is until you're done walking. Therefore, if your egg tells you to walk 2 km it might hatch into the ever-so-common and now dreaded Zubat but if your egg tells you to walk 10 km it might hatch into a super rare Pokemon like a Snorlax.

However, you can only hatch one egg at a time. Users of Pokemon Go only have one incubator available for free and can purchase more incubators with more coins. So a lot of patience is required.

There are, however, people who have figured out a way to "hack" the system. There have people who have found that attaching your phone to a ceiling fan will simulate the distance walked and the egg will hatch faster. There have been users who have attached their phones to their dogs (because what dog doesn't love pacing around their home) and even users who have put their phone on their record player and let it play to gain distance (just put on a little Miles Davis, relax and let your phone work its magic).

Pokemon Go users shouldn't be discouraged when they receive eggs. With a little bit of walking (or listening to their record player), eggs can hatch into beautiful living Pokemon.