What Do Kim Kardashian's Kimojis Mean? A Breakdown Of The App's Best Finds

Who knew belfie emojis could be so popular? Kimoji, Kim Kardashian’s newest app of more than 250 Kardashian-themed stickers and emojis was released Monday, and it became Apple’s best selling app within the first 24-hours (no big deal). But that’s not all. According to The Guardian demand for Kimoji crashed the Apple store (does this mean her goal of breaking the Internet has finally been achieved?), and she's posted a few humblebrag tweets in response. The app might be everyone’s new favorite thing, but what do the Kimojis actually mean? Most of the images are related to Keeping Up With The Kardashians, or from Kim's seemingly endless social media presence. But some, it looks like, are just for laughs, too.

There’s no doubt that Kimoji is totally going to up to your texting game, but it might take a little while to fully grasp its brilliance. So if you’ve just downloaded Kimoji and are still trying to figure out what they even mean, no need to worry. Here’s the backstory on some of the most useful emojis from Kimoji, so you never have to endure the embarrassment of using a photo of Kim’s face mid-contour in the wrong context (the horror!).

Kim Ugly-Crying

Is there ever a situation where an emoji of Kim ugly-crying isn’t totally appropriate? Your bff had a bad day? A Kim ugly-crying emoji will cheer her right up! Spending your evening with a glass of wine and Adele’s 25 on repeat? You know you’re ugly-crying, Kim K. style.

But if somehow you’ve missed the reference, this emoji refers to the many instances where Kim’s been made fun of, primarily by her own sisters, for the face she makes when she cries. Case in point:


How do we know that Kim is actually just like us? Girl loves food. Now, we might not all be able to fly to Paris for churros or New Orleans for beignets, but thanks to Kimoji, we now have lots of options for professing our love for food in text form.

Her Waist Trainer

The Kardashians have often professed their love for waist training, essentially whittling their waists with help of some super intense corsets. So, naturally, Kim included an emoji of her beloved waist trainer into the mix.

The Selfie Emojis

Kimoji Screenshot

Could it really be a Kim Kardashian app if selfies aren’t involved? Kim is pretty much the undisputed selfie queen (she even released an entire book of selfies), so it’s no surprise that Kimoji lets you communicate your selfie habits in emoji form. There’s the usual arms-reach selfie and the in-the-mirror-butt-selfie (or belfie, if you will), as well as other Instagram-inspired emojis, like the pregnant-Kim emoji, and the variety of “Kim with different hairstyles” emojis. She’s got you covered.

The 'Ode To Kanye' Emojis

Kimoji Screenshot

Kimoji may be an app all about Kim, but she hasn’t forgotten about her bae. Kimoji includes a number of different Kanye-related emojis, like Yeezy Boost sneakers, Kim and Kanye’s his-and-hers “married” leather jackets, a close-up of Kim’s giant engagement ring, and a multitude of different luxury cars for all your Yeezy-themed texts.

Naked Kim

Kimoji Screenshot

Let’s be honest: Kim is not shy about showing off her famous assets. So it’s not particularly surprising that she wanted to show them off in emoji form too. There are a few boob-related options, some “Kim-on-a-stripper-pole” choices, and, of course, plenty of butt emojis, including one from her infamous Paper cover.

Kimoji: it's everything you never knew you had to have.

Images: Jason Merritt/Getty; Kimoji App (6); kimkardashian/Instagram; Giphy (4)