What It Feels Like To Orgasm When Pregnant

Just when you thought you knew your body, pregnancy comes along and changes the rules of the game. But in the midst of all those body changes, mood swings, and early morning Twizzler cravings is a hidden gem that most women experience only when pregnant. It's a righteous act of anatomy that is exclusive to pregnancy, but has nothing to do with prenatal vitamins or birthing classes. I'm talking about the intense sexual pleasure women tap into while they have a baby on board. What do orgasms feel like for a pregnant woman? They're stronger than you may have guessed.

With the onset of fatigue and nausea in early pregnancy, you may have assumed you would have to press pause on your bedroom activity, but Mother Nature is hooking you up in the orgasm department to offset the less pleasant aspects of growing a little one. As Parents magazine explained, "breasts are bigger and nipples are more sensitive, there's greater energizing blood flow to your pelvic area, and you're likely to have more natural lubrication." This means the big O will be more heightened, powerful, and memorable than any you had before becoming pregnant. So don't be surprised if you find yourself craving more sex, more often.

Actually, you may not even have to be awake to partake in one of these chart-topping sensations. As Women's Health magazine reported, many women experience intense orgasms in their sleep at some point in their pregnancy. Thanks to the surge of hormones and blood in your system, your body is primed for pleasure, even when you're snoozing.

On top of all the body quakes and good feels in your lady parts, a pregnancy orgasm can earn some extra bliss points in the mental wellness department. Having an orgasm is a stress reliever because it delivers a sweet adrenaline rush, according to Parents magazine. This is due to the bump in the feel good hormone, oxytocin, that orgasm produce, as Psych Central explained.

But even though your orgasms feel wild and wonderful when pregnant, don't be surprised by a little after shock of discomfort. According to Babble, uterine contractions always happen after an orgasm, it's just easier to feel them when you're pregnant since your uterus is stretched out. The cramping will most likely be tolerable (think period pains) and should pass after a few minutes.

Pregnant women can experience orgasms on both a physical and mental level, with feelings of intense pleasure and happy moods — and although this is great, not all pregnancies are created equal. According to Parents magazine, for some women, sex drive and desire can plummet during pregnancy, making them feel anything but in the mood. This may sound like a bummer, but if you feel passed over on Os during your three trimesters, maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones who hits the jackpot with the record-busting postpartum orgasms that are just as strong.