What Orgasms Feel Like For New Moms

Contemplating the ways your life might change post-baby is only normal for any mom-to-be. The ways childbirth will alter your sex life might be of particular interest. For instance, what do orgasms feel like for a woman who just gave birth? These pleasant contractions may not feel quite the same.

To begin, consider the general functions of the female orgasm. At the moment of orgasm, a woman experiences rhythmic contractions in her uterus and vagina at the same time, according to the website for Women's Health. Various aspects of anatomy play a part in this response. In particular, something called the pubococcygeus muscle has been shown to greatly contribute to the female orgasm, according to The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. The pubococcygeus muscle (AKA PC muscle) is what contracts during orgasm, according to the website for Glamour. On an everyday basis, this means nothing but pleasure. But what happens after this area has undergone childbirth?

The results will vary from woman to woman. But as noted by HuffPo, the PC muscles relax during a vaginal delivery to make room for the baby's head. This may sound alarming, but the body is built for it. According to Columbia University's Go Ask Alice, barring damage from something like an episiotomy, the PC muscles will regain elasticity in time. But before they're back at full strength, a woman may experience loss of intensity and responsiveness of orgasm. This is a normal (if frustrating) occurrence.

In the meantime, though, there are some tricks you can try to make those fireworks return to full strength sooner. The go-to solution is probably one you've already heard all about: Kegel exercises. According to What To Expect, doing Kegels may increase your sex drive and help you achieve orgasm again. And as noted on Romper, knowing how to do Kegels is a pretty excellent skill for any woman who has had a baby, as they can take your sex life to the next level. By doing Kegel exercises on the regular, you can help those muscles regain strength, and get back in touch with your postpartum body. Hopefully, these mini workouts will also help regain tone in the PC muscles, making your orgasms as strong as ever.