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Not All The Guys Dislike Lucas On 'The Bachelorette'

The Bachelorette's latest season premiere was actually a lot less painful than Rachel Lindsay's awful "preview guys" experience from Nick Viall's "After the Final Rose" special led us to believe. A shockingly large percentage of her suitors were charming, well-dressed, hilarious, and gainfully employed. But every season has to have a cringeworthy goofball, and this season's human eye roll emoji is Lucas Yancey, AKA "whaboom guy." He got a pretty intense Twitter reaction, but what do the men think of Lucas on The Bachelorette? Some of them actually managed to bro down with him on Instagram.

Lucas came onto The Bachelorette with a personal life philosophy of "whaboom," which is perhaps best described by Roxane Gay in a review of the premiere for Marie Claire: "There's always at least one weirdo in the bunch, and this year, that spot is firmly occupied by a guy named Lucas who randomly says the catchphrase 'wa-boom,' and sometimes verbally ejaculates with a bizarre performance that involves shaking his head vigorously."

That about sums it up. He also wore a sleeveless tank with a bitmoji-esque caricature of himself shouting whaboom on it under his blazer for the season premiere, which was... a bold fashion choice. The first person to confront him about not being there for "the right reasons" was Blake E., but not everyone in the group was turned off by Lucas. Jamey went so far as to post a chummy photo of them together on premiere night.

Rob, the bespectacled law student who got the boot on night one, wrote in an Instagram comment, "I actually liked Lucas hahah." Lee from Nashville posted a photo of himself sipping his premiere night drink of choice (scotch), on which Lucas commented, "Haha.. crushinit." Lee wrote back, "wahhhboom," so, they seem to be on good terms as well..

The only person to throw him any real shade on social media was Blake K. (very dreamy, also booted night one, #JusticeForBlake), who captioned his first moment meeting Rachel on Instagram, "First impressions mean everything so no Wabooms here!" He also chuckled at this revelation from (very engaged) Bachelor in Paradise alum Carly Waddell:

Much to the dismay of both the booted and remaining guys, Lucas got the last rose at the end of night one, which means we have more whabooms in our future. It's a move that had many viewers crying producer interference, but honestly, it'll probably make for good conflict, so do we really care if he leaves during Episode 1 or Episode 5? You can tune in to see how far Lucas makes it Monday nights on ABC.