Here's What The Dads Of 'Teen Mom' Do For Work IRL

When you go on reality TV, you consent to having much, if not all, of your life under the spotlight. When the Teen Mom couples took to MTV to share the stories of their little ones and their journeys to parenthood, every member of the family had their story told. The dads often got overshadowed in the saga, but many of the Teen Mom dads do work for a living, outside of the hit MTV reality series.

When the world first met the Teen Mom OG gang, they were young. Many were in still in high school or just beginning to think about life beyond living with their families. As viewers watched their babies grow, the moms and dads grew as well. Fast forward a few years and everyone has changed quite a bit. A bunch of relationships ups and downs later, there are more babies in the picture and a few new faces.

Teen Mom 2 came with its own group of couples, with their own challenges and opportunities following the news that they were expecting at a young age. Even though they aren't teens anymore, fans have watched these guys and gals grow into their roles as parents and professionals. The previously-teen moms get a lot of attention, along with their littles, but dads have a lot going on, too. Here's what is known about their work lives pre and post-baby.

Tyler Baltierra (Catelynn Lowell Baltierra)

Baltierra has made his Teen Mom role and his family his main focus, he has also shared that he would like to be a writer. In fact, along with his wife Catelynn, he has written a book titled Conquering Chaos.

Gary Shirley (Amber Portwood)

Aside from starting a family with Amber, In Touch Weekly reported that Shirley is something of an entrepreneur, having made his own line of condoms and cookies. Today? If his Twitter bio is any indication, it looks like his cookie business is still up and running.

Ryan Edwards (Maci Bookout McKinney)

While he was with Maci, Edwards was busy riding motorcycles. He also worked on power lines as a professional lineman. In a recent blog post, his current wife Mackenzie Standifer shared that he does still work on power lines, but also as a diesel mechanic.

Taylor McKinney (Maci Bookout McKinney)

Maci and Edwards split up quite some time ago and she has since been living happily ever after with her husband Taylor McKinney. While he was once a motocross racer, he now co-owns a clothing company with Maci, according to The Hollywood Gossip, and also coaches his step-son Bentley's little league team.

Simon Saran (Farrah Abraham)

The father of Farrah's daughter Sophia tragically passed away in an accident in December of 2008. Farah has since been involved in an on-again-off-again relationship with Saran. He works as a real estate agent, according to In Touch Weekly.

That wraps up the dads from Teen Mom OG. But of course, we can't forget the guys of Teen Mom 2.

Jo Rivera (Kailyn Lowry)

Rivera's job situation has been the source of much scrutiny, as he doesn't appear to have a real job, as She Knows reported. While there is likely a pretty sum of money coming in from MTV, his dream job as an aspiring rapper probably isn't bankrolling anyone as much as Teen Mom is.

Javi Marroquin (Kailyn Lowry)

Aside from being a father to his and Kailyn's child, Marroquin is enlisted in the United States Air Force, according to People, which explains his six month deployment.

Chris Lopez (Kailyn Lowry)

Father to Kailyn's youngest baby, Lopez is a bit of a mystery. He hasn't revealed much information about himself to the media. The Hollywood Gossip did a scan on him and turned up little more than his favorite sports teams. Photos of him are also not readily available online, but Kailyn shares plenty of photos of her and her youngest child, Lux Russell.

Adam Lind (Chelsea DeBoer)

Lind and Chelsea had a tumultuous relationship on Teen Mom 2, during which fans didn't get to see much of Lind's professional life. When he wasn't busy on the show, Lind is a personal trainer and weightlifter, according to In Touch Weekly.

Cole DeBoer (Chelsea DeBoer)

DeBoer has a couple of different gigs. His main job is being a traffic control specialist in South Dakota, ensuring that roads and highways for the state are functional. But he also recently launched a sock company.

Corey Simms (Leah Messer)

Simms was Leah's first husband and he works as a a meter reader for a water company in his local area.

Jeremy Calvert (Leah Messer)

Calvert's career was a topic of conversation on Leah's segments, as it often kept him away from home and his family. He is a pipeliner and often takes jobs out of his local area.

Andrew Lewis (Jenelle Evans)

Little has been reported on the father of Jenelle's son Jace aside from his waxing and waning interest in custody of his son. While he most certainly does work for a living, what it is doesn't seem to be public knowledge. Lewis is also relatively private when it comes to social media as well, making it difficult to find photos of him. But Jenelle posts plenty of photos of her and Jace.

Nathan Griffith (Jenelle Evans)

While Jenelle was with Griffith, he was in the Marines and worked part-time as an underwear model — yes, you read that right. He has since reportedly left the Marine Corps. and it isn't clear what he has been doing since.

David Eason (Jenelle Evans)

Before becoming a regular on Teen Mom 2, Eason was a pipe inspector and a welder. He and Jenelle have been focusing on family lately, but he could very well still be working in the same fields.