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What Does 'Bachelorette' JoJo Do In The Fantasy Suites? It's Her Choice

With the hometown dates out of the way, JoJo and her suitors are ready to take the next step in their respective relationships – one that could determine just who JoJo decides to choose at the end. As soon as JoJo picks her top three (a fraught decision once Luke's last minute confession of love sent her spinning), she'll be jetting off with them to a vacation spot for the first overnight dates. If and when she decides to have one of the guys accompany her into a fantasy suite, it will be the first time they're both alone with each other without cameras or mics. A lot could happen between them that may change the course of the show. So what does Bachelorette JoJo do in the fantasy suites?

In all honesty, it's nobody's business. Things may get closer than close in the fantasy suites, but as long as everyone involved is a consenting adult, then whatever happens is between them. If JoJo or one of the guys decides to share that info, then that's their decision too. Prying into what might go on behind closed doors is at best pretty creepy and at worst downright invasive. Sure, it's a reality show where viewers watch romance develop, but that doesn't mean every private detail is up for public consumption.

While anything that happens in the fantasy suite is a personal matter, rumors are already flying that the night goes badly with JoJo and one of the guys. Apparently, after a day of enjoying the beaches of Hua Hin, Thailand with someone, JoJo will extend an invitation to the fantasy suite. However, as soon as they arrived back there, it became clear to JoJo that it wasn't actually the decision she wanted to make. JoJo has been super sensitive to leading the guys on after what happened between her and Ben, so as soon as she realized it wasn't right, she decided to cut the cord. The guy in question did not react well.

A show insider told Us Weekly that the guy "told JoJo he is crushed and accused her of telling him to 'get the f‑‑k out.' JoJo was sobbing. It was very emotional." Yikes. Whoever that is, he's obviously a major jerk. JoJo is under no obligation to do anything she doesn't want to and changing her mind is her right, too. If she wasn't feeling it, then she wasn't feeling it. Surely it's better to confess that as soon as she realized it then to keep pretending she felt otherwise.

Whoever the guy is, he probably won't be in the competition for long after that. And honestly? Good riddance.