Bekah Has Made Her Feelings About 'The Bachelor' Well-Known

It was pretty shocking that Arie eliminated Bekah in Tuscany, especially after he had consoled her and seemed to have spent so much time thinking about her age and whether or not it could work. Now that we know what Arie was thinking, what does Bekah think about The Bachelor? Does she regret the experience or was she happy it happened?

After her elimination on Monday night, Bekah went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about her experience. She revealed that after her elimination she went to California to hang out with friends, which explained the misunderstanding with her mother and the missing person's report that circulated. "A lot of people thought I lied to my mother, saying I was on a farm when really I was on The Bachelor," Bekah explained. "But no, I had already been eliminated from the show."

She added, "I just decided to go up to the mountains with some friends for a couple weeks, and I was there for six or seven days without phone service.” Also, she wanted everyone to know that she's not a weed farmer, her friends just have a weed farm. And she's already back at her nanny job in Los Angeles. But then she got real and talked about how she always wanted to be on the show, but was really disappointed to learn that she would be vying for Arie's heart instead of Peter's. She also said that she had spoken to Tia since she went behind her back to talk about her with Arie, but she claimed the chat was "against her will." Ouch.

Just after she was sent packing, Bekah wasn't on Twitter that much, so some people thought that she was stressing. Then, she returned on Wednesday to make her statement, tweeting:

The past few days have been CRAZY for more reasons than just getting dumped on national television; just now getting back on the interwebs...what an experience. I’m grateful for it all. for my time with @ariejr , for my time forming new friendships, for my time learning so much more about myself.

She added that she was single AF for Valentine's Day, which must have been a little rough, especially after just recently getting dumped. She also posted a Boomerang on Instagram of herself holding a big disco ball. Bekah captioned the photo, "don't let anyone steal your sparkle," so she's definitely in a good place despite it all.

On her birthday earlier this week, she posted a video of herself roller skating and then falling hard on the rink. "Today’s my birthday. if there’s anything i’ve learned in my 23 years, it’s to get back up when you eat sh*t, and make sure your friends got it on video," the young but wise Bekah wrote.

Although the other women dragged her for being too young, Bekah seems to have her life together and knows where her priorities are. And she doesn't seem to have too many hard feelings, but she did admit to Jimmy Kimmel that was "surprised" about being eliminated, but was "picking up the pieces as they go along."

Despite not being super popular with the other women on the show, Bekah was a fan favorite this season. One fan tweeted, "Bekah for the next bachelorette or I’m never watching this show again. Seriously." And another that they had "no respect" for Tia after what happened and were totally #TeamBekah.

With all of that love, it's very likely that Bekah will be asked to come back, if not as the next Bachelorette then maybe Bachelor in Paradise. Since she's athletic, maybe even the next Bachelor Winter Games if they do it again next year. Something tells me she'll be up for anything.

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