What Does BFP Mean? Plus 7 Ways For You To Share Your News With The World

Learning that you're pregnant in today's world is a completely different story than it was in the past. It still incredibly exciting, but with the wealth of information, resources and community available online, almost all of your questions can be answered with a few simple searches. Often those searches lead you to a forum — a place where expecting mamas can connect, ask and answer questions, and generally chit chat. Some of the lingo in said forums can get slightly confusing, though, so when you come across acronyms and think "what does BFP mean?" (along with a slough of others like EBF, LO, AF, SO and so, so many more...) it can get a little overwhelming.

So, in the spirit of helping a mama out, I did a little digging (OK, I typed it into Google) and found out that BFP stands for "big fat positive." As in, "wow, that pregnancy test is one big fat positive." In other words, yep, you're pregnant.

Now that we got that figured out, it's time to think of how you're going to show your BFP to the world. Pregnancy announcements are so much fun, but can also be a little bit overwhelming to plan. Here are a few ideas that will take the stress off of you, so you can bask in your good news.


Bun In The Oven

If this isn't your first pregnancy, take advantage of the fact that you already have some cute little models and set up a bun in the oven shoot like this one from Julie Blanner. If you don't have other kids, set up a shoot with you and your SO using the same theme but more "adult".


Special Delivery

People love getting snail mail, so why not send out a post card to all your friends and family— like this one from Lovely Indeed— and let it do the talking for you.


Social Media Spin Off

Are you a social media fan? Take to your favorite platform and give your followers a clever announcement like this one.


Puzzled Announcement

Use an old family photo, or one of your growing baby bump, to create a puzzle to give your family and friends. Julie Blanner's website has an adorable example.


Book Worm Baby

Are you and your partner avid readers? Take a photo with your favorite books and leave a space for you-know-who.


Big Sister Times Two

There's no shame in using big sister or big brother to spill the beans for you.


Plus One

A simple announcement with the two of you and a chalk board is classic and cute.